How Mithali Raj shut down her trolls

Sep 8, 2017, 16:10 IST


Mithali Raj
, India women’s cricket team captain, gives us many moments of inspiration on her Twitter feed. 

The outspoken captain recently became the first woman to score more that 6000 runs in One-day cricket and while she did that, she also broke a previous record held by Charlotte Edwards. She led her team to a very closely fought World Cup final in July this year. Though they lost by a narrow margin, they won accolades from the entire country, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who said the khiladi betiyaan had won the hearts of 1.25 crore Indians. His thoughts were echoed by Sachin Tendulkar too.

But that didn't stop the trolls on Twitter from heckling her. Not once, but on two recent occasions, Mithali has been trolled on Twitter. 

On August 19, Mithali had tweeted a photo with three cricketers at the launch of a cricket academy. She said, ``What a momentous day today was, standing with these special women!! (Mamatha Maben, former national cricketer, Nooshin Al Khadeer, former national cricketer, and coach of Chandigarh cricket association and Veda Krishnamurthy, fellow team member of the Indian women’s cricket team).
But some people can only see dark clouds and no silver lining.

One troll commented on the sweat stain on Mithali’s top and body shamed her for it. The tweet which has since been deleted said: `` sorry Smt Captain, hahaha odd looking. the fasina wet.’’

Mithali shut him down by saying, ``I m where I m because I sweated it out on d field! I see no reason 2 b ashamed f it, when I’m on d ground inaugurating a cricket academy.’’ 
Again, on September 5, Mithali was targeted by the moral police when she posted a selfie, in which she’s seen wearing a black strappy top.  The regressive brigade on Twitter, started advising her on her dress with moralising tweets that went from `` Not Gud. Not expected these kind of pictures. Sorryyy’’ to Plz,,Delete this selfi Mithali madam...’’ to the extreme, `` are you porn star???? Have you any respect?’’.

Not Gud.Not expected these kind of pictures.Sorryyy

— chandu_Prince FAN (@chanduk2010) September 6, 2017 ">

Not good to see you in this costumes. Don't mistake me. Be an Indian women that too TAMIL NADU WOMEN.

— Nandagopal.R (@NandagopalR4) September 6, 2017 ">
Mithali Raj’s fans gave a fitting reply to the self-appointed guardians of Indian culture and what they thought was an appropriate way for women to dress.

One user said: 

``Shame on such narrow minded people. Shes a national asset,value her. We r with u captain,and yes; u look gorgeous in evry attire''

Another user supporting Mithali's choice to dress as she pleased, said:

She is the #captain of our Indian womens team and the answer lies here ..she has come a long way she knows wat to do #respectmithalli

Mithali Raj has always been outspoken about sexism and regressive thinking. It's good to see the sports icon is getting support from her fans on and off the field.

Photo credit: Vinay Javkar, Healthntrends