A 'Picture Perfect' diva's secrets

Oct 20, 2015, 14:30 IST

One of the 16 contestants at the Ponds BB+ Healthntrends Style Diva 2015 and one of the lucky ones who got a little closer to her dream of making it big in the world of fashion and beauty. The very stunning Shreya Chaudhary is confident and full of hope for an exciting future. We spoke to the diva, who took away the second runner - Ponds BB+ Healthntrends Style Diva title and also the Ponds BB+ Cream Picture Perfect Diva trophy.


How does it feel to win the Ponds BB+ Cream Picture Perfect Diva?
I have always strived to attain perfection in all my endeavors, so I was ecstatic on winning the title. It is definitely a great confidence booster especially because this industry calls for constantly being photographed or filmed. Be it on duty or off duty.
What does 'Picture perfect' mean to you?
I believe a perfect picture is all about capturing a perfect moment. However, perfection is a very relative term. To me perfection is synonymous with being content. And to be ‘Picture Perfect’ one has to be confident about himself or herself.


A beauty routine that you follow to be picture perfect?
BB creams have taken the world by storm and I feel no woman can live without one in her makeup kit. But at the same time, it is important to find one which suits your skin and skin tone. I have found my perfect BB cream with Ponds BB+ cream. It is a fabulous product and I use it to conceal any blemishes on my face. It doubles up as my sunblock as it has Spf 30. The best part is, it looks like I have no-make up on and gives me a nice natural glow. I use it while working or even while casually getting out. I say it is a must-have for women who love the nude makeup look.


At the grand finale you took way the second runner up - Ponds BB+ Healthntrends Style Diva title. How does it feel?
I was extremely elated to win second runner up. This is my first pageant and the platform has provided me with the privilege of training with mentors who are experts in their field. Their teachings and advice have added greater resolve to continue my journey with focus, hard efforts and helped on working on my shortcomings. The entire experience is a stepping-stone to achieve my goals.

What are your plans next?
Right now I am content to know I have taken a step in the right direction. I don't know what exciting things the future holds for me, but I am sure about one thing - there will be no looking back now!