Get salon-like hair at home

Oct 29, 2015, 16:10 IST


For every woman, a bad hair day is a bad day. Which is why it is crucial to listen carefully when you’re sitting in the hot seat at your favourite salon. Your hair stylist has been pouring pearls of wisdom for specifically your hair as he/she works on it. Here are some we’ve heard from the helpful hair pros time to time.


The Magic Top Knot

Tie your hair into a top knot when it’s semi-dry and leave to dry. Watch it fall into natural, flowing curls when you open it later. Works every single time!

The Bottom-Up Approach

Curls need to be tight when they are created. Gravity pulls them down later any which way. So, instead of drying your curls top-down, dry bottom-up, scrunching as you go along.

Brushing Straight

Apply hair serum to damp hair and brush it straight down in sections to get straight hair. Or, gently brush it with a broad roller brush in the direction opposite to your natural curls or waves. Use a flat brush in the end to comb it out and a hair spray to set it.

Product Switch

A hair stylist once told me colour companies use strong activators in retail products for the home user to get quick results. The salon products, on the other hand, are relatively milder. Switch to professional packs of colours, shampoos, conditioners and leave-ins, as they don’t contain as many harsh ingredients, such as alcohol, etc.

Shampoo Right

The first time you shampoo, don’t lather it up. Let the shampoo do its job in taking the excess oil away. Rinse. Repeat. This time, lather to get perfectly clean hair, not excessively stripped of its natural oils. Note this the next time you get your hair washed at the salon.

Fixing With the Rinse

We know frequent shampooing is not a hair-friendly thing. To avoid shampooing often, experts say rinse it in-between washes. Sometimes, a good rinse it all you need to remove dirt and have the scalp feeling fresh again.

Use these pearls and have your hair looking great without the precious hour at the salon, especially when you have to rush somewhere at short notice.