Summer makeup for oily skin

Apr 2, 2015, 18:23 IST


Whether you like the no makeup look or not, you are forced to stick to it throughout the summer season. Things get worse when you have an oily skin and you have no choice but to put aside your makeup kit till the weather cools down. Here are five tips to sweat-proof your face during those hot summer days.


The CTM ritual
Before starting off with your makeup, it’s important to prep your skin. Now just because you have overactive oil glands doesn’t mean you damage it by over-cleansing. Cleanse using a mild cleanser to avoid stripping your skin of its natural oils. Next, use an alcohol-free toner to get rid of excess oil. Complete the basic CTM regimen with a mattifying oil-free moisturiser. A tinted moisturiser with an SPF is a good choice as well.
Pick a primer
Begin the makeup with a smooth, shine-free, matte primer which will not only prevent your makeup from sliding off and make it last for a longer period of time, but also help to absorb excess oil. Don’t forget to apply a bit on your eyelids to keep the eye makeup in place.
Skip the foundation
If you have an oily skin, it isn’t a good idea to slather on too many products. If you’ve already used a tinted moisturiser, you don’t really need a foundation. But if you have to, pick an oil-free or mineral based one and blend it well on selected areas. Using a concealer would be a good idea as it won’t clog your pores and cause breakouts.
Powder power
Make loose translucent powder your best friend. Along with the primer, it will seal the look, make it last for a longer period and prevent the oily sheen. Gently press the powder into your face rather than brushing it vigorously with a powder brush as this can unsettle the rest of the makeup. Make sure you don’t go overboard with it as well and use it sparingly on problem areas.
Keep blotting paper handy
Even though your makeup is oil-free, a night out at a sweaty club is sure to make you look disastrous the minute you’re out. So it’s important to keep a few blotting papers in your purse and gently press it on the areas to absorb any greasiness during your loo breaks. The trick is to gently dab and not rub to refresh your look in mere moments.