5 tips for gorgeous hair

Oct 29, 2015, 12:38 IST


Placid Braganza – Sebastian Design Artist, India has 5 tips for fabulous hair this festive season.


-- During this time of the year, you tend to use a lot of heat styling tools and hence, it is important to hydrate and moisturise dry hair with a good shampoo and conditioner I recommend using the Sebastian Hydre Shampoo and Treatment.

-- Always use a leave in serum to protect your hair before doing anything to it. Sebastian Professional Trilliant is an excellent product.

-- Restyle your hair after washing. Avoid restyling hair, which already has product on it.

-- Opt for hair spas on days you are not going to style your hair-If you style your hair after a hair spa it might turn out to be limp.

-- When it comes to hair colour. Ensure that you colour your hair at least 2-3 days before attending a major function so that you have enough time for the colour to settle down before you do anything to it.