Summer bride's beauty guide

Apr 28, 2015, 12:18 IST



Celebrity creative makeup artist Jharna Shah lists down beauty and makeup dos and don’ts for the summer bride.

1) Summer beauty ritual a bride-to-be should follow before the D-day
a) A month prior
- Start with a good diet – have a glass full of juice made of beetroot/carrot/tomato everyday and also fill on loads of water. A good face pack twice a week and scrubbing twice a week will help you clear your skin. Using a sunscreen is a must whenever you are stepping out.
Start oiling your hair once in 3 days and wash it with mild shampoo. A good hair tonic will also help in case of falling hair and dandruff.

b) A fortnight prior
- Start sleeping well. Keep potato slices or cucumber slices on eyes every night to de-stress and be able to sleep better. Apply a hair pack onto your hair once a week. Keeping your skin well hydrated is very important, so make sure you have your fill of liquids and water. Lip balm is very important too since summers can result in chapped and cracked lips. Apply a BB cream on daily basis to keep moisture locked whole day.

c) A week prior
- Simple pack of besan, multani mitti and haldi can be applied daily for 5 mins, rub ice on face daily for toning and better blood circulation and natural glow, avoid stepping out in the sun, start applying body lotion all over body on a daily basis, add bath oils for making skin smooth and supple. Remove nail polish and put nail strengthening and nourishment base coat before putting main colour on d-day. 

2) How many days prior to the wedding should a bride-to-be complete all her beauty rituals at the salon and spa.
Avoid bleach on the face as it is too harsh, d-tan is a good substitute instead. Body bleach should be done at least 3-4 days prior as waxing can be done 24 hours after bleach. Hair spa and facial should be done a day prior.

3) Summer makeup tips for the big day?
- Peaches/Pink /Rusty orange should be the colours which will be apt, waterproof mascara is very essential, non smudge eye pencils to be used instead of liquid eyeliners on the inside and out.

- Peach /Pink/ Rusty orange - Ideally matte colours would look very nice and will stay longer too however a hint of gloss just in between the lower lips can give it a fuller look.

-Peach/Pink/Bronze- if the bride has an oval face or a chiseled face then it would look nice on the cheek apples, in case the bride has a round face then contouring will be required and cheekbones to be highlighted towards the edge and not the cheeks apple.

- Ideally hair tie up will be better. French plaint from front is a neat and glamorous style where hair is tied up instead of leaving it loose.


Summer bride beauty makeup tips

Celebrity makeup artist Jharna Shah


4) Hair style dos and don'ts for the big day.
- Oil your hair one day prior and wash and blow dry on the day of wedding. Don't have loose hair or extensions unnecessarily since its summer and tied up hair will be ideal.

5) What to pack in your makeup kit on a summer honeymoon?
Sunscreen or a tinted moisturizer which has hint of foundation, waterproof mascara is a must, non-smudge kajal pencil, peach/pink matte lipsticks, lip balm, highlighter blush and translucent mineral powder, apart from this the body lotion, water based moisturizer as part of routine essentials.

6) Anything else you would like to add to help our readers?
Summer in India is not just about heat but a lot of humidity as well causing you to sweat. Makeup and hair is important on the outside but it’s very crucial to also follow a daily routine and a good diet to get that natural glow.

Wash your face often to keep it clean and at the same time, use a water based moisturizer to keep skin hydrated. Twice a week, use a facepack made of multani mitti, haldi, besan and chandan powder. Mix it with curd and apply on face and neck for 10-15 minutes at night. This will help in removing tan and also brighten the skin.