Co-Washing, What Is It. And Why Do You Need It

Sep 30, 2021, 21:34 IST


Image: Shutterstock

People normally have Bad hair days, but people with curly hair have Wild hair days. When your hair decides how they want to look, not you! And that is most of the time. Sigh! But, it turns out there is an emergence of something that can be the greatest help possible for you. And that is, Co-washing.

Co-washing is basically washing your hair with conditioner only. For curly hair Shampoo has Sulfates that go rough on your hair and often removes the natural oils and moisture. Although, it is recommended to not completely boycott shampoo as only conditioner will keep the moisture and natural oils intact, but will not be able to remove dust, sweat, sebum properly. Use shampoo with a soft sulphate once or twice a month at least, depending how often you wash your hair.

Remember you need a conditioner WITHOUT silicones. As the cause buildup that coats your hair, and will turn your hair lose its shine. After getting the right conditioner here's what you need to do,

Rinse your hair
Apply conditioner and massage it into your scalps. Same as you would have done with shampoo.
Leave it for a while bit longer than you did the lathering
Wash your hair
This one is optional, you can apply the conditioner on the tips of hair if you want to and again wash it. If you don't have the time then it will still be okay.
Co-washing is about a Healthy and Lenient way to clean your hair clean and shiny. But, why is it highly recommended for curls and wavy hair? Because it includes all the light weight formula products that will not let the hair weigh down. You can make it more intact by adding some serum after Co-wash on your hair. It will replenish the hair without taking out the moisture of the hair; you will still have curls or waves once the hair dries and not a Bush!