How To Reduce Hair fall

Sep 30, 2021, 23:37 IST


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If you’re tired of seeing strands of hair in your clothes, on your floor and shedding it everywhere you go, you might be experiencing hair fall. However, hair fall is very normal and a lot of individuals experience it. Losing anywhere between 50 to 100 strands every day is considered normal. Prolonged experiences of hair fall can be worrisome. There are several causes and many times this gets rectified in itself. Hair loss can be due to heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions or might accompany aging. Most times hair fall is nothing serious to be worried about but in extreme cases, you might want to consult a doctor.

What is hair fall?
What causes hair fall?
How to reduce hair fall?
Frequently Asked Questions

What is hair fall?

What Is Hair Fall?
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Hair fall or hair loss is the process of shedding hair from any part of the body but is most commonly referred to as the scalp. This article will help you understand hair fall from your scalp and how to reduce it.

What causes hair fall?

There are various reasons one must be experiencing hair loss
  • Hereditary (androgenic alopecia) where the hair naturally starts shrinking overtime
  • Aging not only causes a change in hair colour but also hair loss in everyone
  • Childbirth can cause hair loss in women
  • Illness or stress of several kinds can be shedding your hair
  • Chemotherapy for cancer treatment can cause excessive hair fall due to the long exposure to radiation
  • A medical condition called Alopecia Areata is the result of the body’s immune system attacking hair follicles causing hair loss in specific spots.

What causes hair fall?
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How to reduce hair fall?

There are many natural ways to reduce hair loss at home if you do not wish to visit a doctor or your hair fall is nothing serious to be worried about. There are several remedies to lessen hair fall but the key factor is to understand your hair type and how it is reacting to external factors like sun, pollution, water and chemicals. After understanding your hair better, picking a hair care routine becomes easier. Customise your hair care according to what is needed and not what everyone else is following. Some remedies you should consider are -

- Using lesser chemicals on hair

Reduce hair fall by using lesser chemicals on hair
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Your hair might be very sensitive to strong chemicals present in shampoos and conditioners. Try to switch up your regular shampoo to a milder one or to ones designed specifically for sensitive hair. Also, keep a track of your medication intake as some medicines might have side effects that can include hair loss. In such cases, always talk to your doctor about how to substitute this medicine.

- Hair care routine

Hair care routine
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The schedule you have been following for hair wash or the products you have been using may be doing more harm than good. Try to reduce the number of products and do not wash your hair often. Your scalp secretes oil naturally which is essential for healthy hair so every time your hair feels oily, do not wash it immediately. Limit to washing your hair once or twice a week to see healthier hair.

- Nutrition

Nutrition To Reduce hair fall
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The nutrient intake in your body also plays a vital role in hair growth and health. Consumption of vitamin A helps in the production of oil (sebum) in the scalp and vitamin E helps in the circulation of blood which aids the hair follicles and vitamin B helps in maintaining healthy hair colour.

- Avoid alcohol and cigarettes

Alcohol intake can be obstructing healthy hair growth and smoking cigarettes affect the amount of blood that circulates to your scalp. Avoiding these activities can significantly better the health of your hair.

- Handling wet hair

Handling wet hair to reduce hair fall
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A very important step of hair care people get wrong Is handling wet hair. Hair right after a wash or after any activity involving water can be extremely fragile and prone to breaking. Hair after washing with chemical products, in this state is very brittle and should be handled diligently. Do not scrub your hair with a rough towel to dry it quicker, dab it instead. It is better to switch up towels completely to an old tee shirt or a softer cloth material that won’t pose much threat to your hair.

- Heat products

Heat products reduce hair fall
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Trying to dry and style your hair requires a lot of heating it. Try to reduce the heat exposure on your hair. While drying hair, try to reduce the intensity of heat or completely switch up to air drying and let your hair take its time. Styling your hair can also be switched up with products that don’t require a lot of heat and if you can manage to find time, try natural methods of curling or straightening your hair. Washing your hair late at night gives your hair time to heal and dry by morning.

- De stress

De stress to reduce hair fall
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Stress in today’s world is inevitable and can be harmful to your general health. Try to rejuvenate and keep yourself cooler and stress-free. Recreational activities are not only a great way to get yourself relieved of tension but physical activity also helps reduce hair fall by keeping your hormones in check.

- Hair masks

Hair masks to reduce hair fall
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It can be extremely beneficial to your hair to try nourishing hair masks that help strengthen your roots and hair strands equally. There are several products available in the market or you could always try home remedies. Products that contain Bhringraj, Biotin, Green tea, Protein and Vitamins can show drastic results. You can also always opt for hair oils like coconut oil or almond oil that can help strengthen it. There is no one possible remedy that works for every type of hair so experiment and customise a routine that supports your hair.

Understanding your hair and its needs is the most important part of caring for your hair. Try out what works best for you and consult doctors when needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is hair loss normal?

A. In most cases, yes. Hair fall is normal to every individual as shedding and regrowth is necessary. An average of 50-100 strands every day is totally normal and can be due to very common reasons. However, if your hair loss is sudden or excessive in nature, you might have to see a doctor help you reduce it.

Q.  How often should I wash my hair?

A. It is advised to wash as often as every 2-3 days but there is no set limit to it. Wash your hair if you feel like your scalp needs a good cleansing. If you want to get rid of the oily scalp or find it very dry up there, it is a good time to dab in some products.

Q. How do I know what suits my hair?

A. You can never really know what products suit your hair until you have experimented with it. The trial is important to figure out what works best for your hair. A consultant can help you better this process.

Q. Are home remedies helpful enough?

A. There is no handbook that guides haircare for everyone. Hair remedies at home are definitely helpful to the majority but in cases where it might not be working for you, switch up the formula. Even if the customised hair routine for you doesn’t work, you can always go for other products available in the market or get a consultation for the same.