Over 2 Lakh Hair Professionals Gather For An All New Matrix

Aug 18, 2021, 12:30 IST


The brand unveiled new Matrix for ‘All Hair Types. All Humans’ at Matrix India M-Day

There are some brands that infiltrate the market and then, there are a few which stay with us for a long time! One such professional brand is Matrix – millennials might remember going for their first hair makeover with it. And ever since it showed us its magic, Matrix has held a special place in the history of our hair makeovers.

Matrix, the leading American Professional salon brand, was founded in 1980 by Arnie Miller who got inspired by the idea of togetherness and synergy. Since inception, the brand has always weaved together an inclusive community of support for professionals across all levels. Here, they are given the tools, they need to succeed to help every stylist realise their creative and professional potential. Launched in India in 2005, Matrix has maintained strong ground even in the subcontinent when it comes to upgrading the skills of these professionals and empowering them to be at the top of their game. Moreover, Matrix’s strong distribution network and presence in over 35,000+ salons is a testimony to the trust that the professionals have on the brand.


The brand, which has become a safe haven for countless hairdressers and consumers for all hair care and colouring needs, has announced its renovation at the Matrix India M-Day virtual event. Matrix has undergone a renovation, and here’s all that you need to know about it. With this, the brand reaffirms its ethos through its new look, which stands on three major pillars – Inclusive, Uncomplicated, and Uplifting. Matrix has announced its commitment towards the motto ‘All Hair Types. All Humans.’, providing an inclusive platform for one and all.

Matrix India M-Day saw stalwarts from the professional industry join in from the likes of Philip Wolff, Tabatha Coffey, George Papanikolas – all Matrix Global Ambassadors – along with Melroy Dickson, Education Manager, Matrix India, who took center stage. The day-long virtual event included exclusive masterclasses by these celebrated international stylists that equipped hairdressers with the necessary tools and education to further their professional activities.

The event witnessed over 2 lakh hairdressers and professionals –one of the biggest virtual events hosted ever – gather in unison and support the brand in unveiling its elevated brand image with a new, colourful look. In line with the brand’s ethos, the event was streamed in seven different languages to celebrate diversity and inclusivity. With this, Matrix will welcome hairstylists of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of expertise into a supportive community.

Matrix India M-Day saw the brand paint the town rainbow with its elevated image in an all-new logo which brings to life its uplifting culture of support and optimism.



So, what does the brand aim at doing within its three pillars?

All Hair Types. All Humans

With its new brand tagline – ‘All Hair Types. All Humans.’ – Matrix India aims to extend its support each and every professional in the industry in an INCLUSIVE community. It welcomes every hairstylist – whether they are beginners, working in a salon, or experts who are all set to start their enterprise – and support them at every step of their professional journey.

Matrix’s ethos on inclusivity stands true for its consumers as well. The brand provides solutions for all hair types; for those looking for makeover and those willing to take a step ahead and experiment, Matrix has a customised solution that suits every need, hair type, and texture. This has helped its consumers to stay on top of the trends with a wide range of shades to choose from. With that, the brand is also a one stop solution for all hair care, colour styling needs for every hair type.



Colour With Confidence with Uncomplicated Technology

While we enjoy changing the colour of our hair, damage post that is one of the most worrying concerns. This problem either discourages people to opt for a hair colour service or leads them to opt out of a follow-up session. Understanding the barrier for consumers to get their hair coloured, Matrix launched the new SoColor Pre-Bonded Color System with uncomplicated high-performance solutions for all styles and all hair types. This range of professional hair colour is enriched with an exclusive bond-protecting concentrate which protects the inner hair structure, colour after colour, thus maintaining the true integrity of hair. SoColor Pre-Bonded is perfectly calibrated to protect every hair fiber and gives long lasting results on dark Indian hair bases.



Upgrading & Uplifting The Community of Hairdressers

Staying true to its original vision, Matrix educates over one lakh hairdressers in India annually through its network of 36 education studios spread across the country. The brand has put its years of experience in the industry to a good cause of uplifting hair artists, dressers, and stylists by educating them and honing their skills. The brand has curated courses that will now be accessible for all through the Matrix Learn & Connect or Access App. Through a hybrid online-offline education model, Matrix aims at educating every professional – beginners, experienced artists or new entrepreneurs –to empower and upgrade their skill set.


With a new brand imagery and more inclusive ethos, Matrix captures the essence of the Indian professional haircare industry. It’s for one and all because at Matrix, Everyone Is Welcome.