Is 'Beauty With Brains' Really A Compliment?

Sep 30, 2021, 21:02 IST


Image: Shutterstock

Without wasting any time, I would say- NO! Regardless of your gender, race, or identity. The answer is a big NO. Beauty with a brain actually rather says that you can only have either of these, and you are an ‘exception’ if you have both. This literally makes no sense.

Beauty is subjective and Intelligence is objective. This means the horizon is quite wide on which the two adjectives can be measured. Also, a person is much more than this. They can have many more or less adjectives to add into their personality. What is more devastating here- the connotation is attached largely to women only! Although I do understand why it started in the first place. As before, women didn’t have the right to have a life beyond family and home. So, everyone was pretty oblivious to the fact that ‘mind’ has NO GENDER. And when women finally stepped out, they were definitely amazed about our abilities. As they were still not many, it was an exception at that time for sure. Not because women who were homemakers were brainless, they just never got the chance to prove people’s opinion otherwise.

But the past is in the past. History has over time shown us that culture doesn't make people, people make culture. So, we can drop this so-called ‘compliment’. As we all have brains and we use it on various levels accordingly. You want to compliment someone, please do, but make sure that you are thoughtful about your comment. As for e.g., saying to someone that you are good looking; why you are worrying, you will nail the presentation, will not help. Even though your intention was not wrong, the person will not be amused. As looking presentable is a part of giving a good presentation, there are much more efforts that go after it, and you straight up ignore all of it and also that person’s hard work to keep up with it.

So, let’s mind our thoughts and mind our words.