How To Apply Liquid Matte Lipstick Like A PRO, At First Go?

Sep 30, 2021, 21:38 IST


Image: Shutterstock

Ladies, if ever your brother, guy friend, boyfriend, or husband asks you What is taking so long? Just hand them any Liquid matte and ask them to apply it for you. They will never ask this question again, as they are going to burst into tears. How can I be so sure? Because we cry applying it all the time. Don't we?

The higher the pigmentation the drier its texture would be. And higher would be the difficulty to apply it. As before you even realise that you have messed up it is going to dry and will take forever to be removed. But I have come to know some simple hacks to ace it like a pro. Here sharing some of them with you,

Moisturise your lips
Very important. The already dry textured matte is never going to sit well on the base which is not smooth. And will rather make your lips drier than before.

A Lip liner can do wonders
Very much like an outline of a drawing makes the coloring easy. Outline your lips with the same or a slightly lighter shade of the lip liner than the lipstick you are going to use. Especially, the corners of the lips. As they are the toughest to fill and is the common ground where we all are likely to spend our whole lives correcting.

Just one stroke is enough!
Yes. Liquid mattes have creamy pigmentation. The less you apply the better. As more of it is going to take more time than usual to dry. And there are much more important things we have to do than sitting and waiting for our lipstick to dry.

Use tissue to Remove the extra
To avoid smudging, take the tissue and keep it on the lips and press that slightly. Not too much. The tissue will absorb the extra and the lipstick will remain intact.

So, there you go. These are only steps that can ease the level of difficulty we all face with liquid mattes. But you might still mess up and that's okay. As I have already shared with you the hack about what to do if ever someone adds more stress in your already stressed mind. In case, you don't remember; just politely ask them to help you….