M.A.C Cosmetics’ National Artist Shares Tips To Build An Bridal Trousseau

Sep 2, 2022, 18:22 IST

Bridal Makeup

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There’s nothing as special, prized and unforgettable as your bridal trousseau. If you’ve been a bride, you know it. And, if you haven’t and plan to be one at some point in life, you’ll know what I mean. The joy of seeing that vanity is certainly ten times more than seeing your everyday beauty shelf and stacks. Every beauty product lying in your bridal trousseau contributes to a look that will stay with you – not just in a photograph but – in the form of a beautiful memory for life. And, that explains the significance of your bridal trousseau. But then the overwhelming situation of the present-day’s beauty space will only leave you feeling perplexed everytime you try to add things to cart. At such times, every industry expert-recommended direction can help you choose better and wiser. Leiya Phinao Ningshen, National Makeup Artist, M.A.C Cosmetics India shares some exciting and insightful tips on how to build a reliable bridal beauty trousseau.


How’s a bridal beauty trousseau different from a regular vanity?
A bridal trousseau includes products for all features that are for skin, brows, lips and eyes including lashes whereas a regular vanity can be just products for your most loved features such as face and lips or eyes or just the skin.

What are some must-have products in a bridal beauty trousseau?
The M.A.C Cosmetics Fix+ Mist hydrates skin and set makeup, a strobe cream for radiance, a (good shade match) foundation that suits the skin type, an under eye cream to lift tired eyes and concealer to hide imperfections and brighten the under eyes, M.A.C Cosmetics Studio Fix Powder for a filter-ready-finish makeup look and in-between touch-ups as and when required. A shade of pink blush to add a flush of colour to the skin, a lip conditioner to hydrate the lips as back to back events can really dry up the lips, a neutral lip shade like Velvet Teddy or Mehr from M.A.C Cosmetics, voluminous and long-wearing mascara and finally, a waterproof makeup remover.

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What are the changes that a bride-to-be must make if getting hitched during the monsoons?
For skin prep, replace essential oils or thick moisturising creams with lightweight, gel-based moisturisers for hydration. Choose a primer that is mattifying rather than illuminating. As for foundation and powder, obviously pick a long-wearing and matte finish over dewy. Pick powder-based formulas for blush, contour and highlighter. For lips, definitely matte finish or long-wearing liquid lipsticks; keep away from gloss. For eyes, choose a waterproof eye base for sure to avoid creasing eye makeup, a smudge-proof and waterproof kajal and mascara over creamy kohl.

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What are the checkpoints while building a bridal beauty trousseau? Choose good-quality products for better results, never settle for low-quality products. Picking long-wearing makeup products is key to sustaining all the long hours of the ceremonies. Minis are great for some of the makeup products that you might just want to try for the wedding or might want to slide into your touch-up bag across the ceremonies.

What’s one misconception about bridal beauty trousseau that you’d like to debunk?
Opting for lighter shades of foundation that offer heavier coverage. You don’t need a lot of makeup to look and feel like a bride.

How can one be conscious while building a bridal beauty trousseau? Because we know it’s easy to go overboard.
A bride’s beauty trousseau must-have makeup products that can be worn during as well as after the wedding for occasions or on regular days. Think of shades, tones and textures that you are comfortable wearing in your regular days.