Tanishq’s Earrings Are an Ode to Your Stylish Individuality

Sep 22, 2021, 11:17 IST


Playing it by the ear has a whole new meaning 

Are earrings just accessories? If someone had asked us this question from a fashion perspective before the pandemic, we would probably have nodded in agreement. But 18 months or so of viewing people through the tiny rectangles of Zoom has changed the way we look at these everyday accoutrements. When making a statement got confined to dressing from the chest up, didn’t we all invariably reach for our treasured earrings to make an impression? 

A pair of earrings has the power to instantly light up one’s face without actually taking the attention away from it. It brings an optimistic new mood without brandishing its presence. Go one day without wearing them, and people take notice. Earrings silently make your look and yet are somehow the most trivialised in a woman’s wardrobe.  But it is gauche to assume that they will continue to remain under-discussed. 

One of the most venerated Indian jewellery brands, Tanishq, is bringing the mood-boosting power of a pair of earrings to the fore with their campaign #StunningEveryEar. They believe, and we agree, that more and more young women are turning toward these humble accessories to express their individuality. They’re a reflection of her mood and an indicator of her style that can be best defined as unpretentious and unassuredly chic.

When it comes to women, no two are the same. And so, uniformity seems outrageous even when it comes to presenting these new-age earring wearers with choices. With their expansive range of over 29 categories and multitudes of options within them, too, Tanishq brings a barrage of options to women so they can choose a coruscating beauty that is aligned with their aesthetics. 

Here’s us, shining a spotlight on styles that we think are unmissable. Tailored to subvert the female archetypes, these pieces are individualistic, statement-making, and most importantly, beyond stunning.


Everyday Essentials 

A compendium of everyday ear tops with a modern twist. A specially curated collection of earrings displaying intricate floral karigari, fancy stone compositions in some of the most trending designs, and new-age motifs that can be worn with denim to work-chic kurtas and everything in between.


Modern Traditionalists

Our lehengas and saris have had major makeovers in the last few years, tailoring to the wardrobe requirements of today’s modern women. These outfits require earrings that meet the modern traditionalist checklist, too. From jhumkas in solid gold to those encrusted with resplendent stones, traditional designs, and chandbalis that have been rejigged with new-age elements, the options are not in short supply.


Contemporary Classics

When it comes to earrings, we are as impressed with their verticality as we are with the intricacy in the works. From contemporary balis that are a twist on the Indian classic ones, stylish shoulder-dusting danglers, and our personal favourite, the tasteful sui-daaga variety of earrings, one is spoiled for choices. Wear them with dresses, or pair them with solid blouses and basic T-shirts to inject some much-needed glamour. 

Still think your earrings are just basic earrings? Think again!