Team Healthntrends Shares That One Makeup Product They Swear By

Dec 3, 2021, 18:46 IST


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If you’re a beauty aficionado, chances are high that you’ve tried out a gazillion beauty products, specifically makeup. Do you get an urge to ‘add to cart’ when a new makeup product is launched? I feel you. I’m super guilty about having picked a lot of products and then not using them. But, I have to be honest and admit that if it weren't for these trials, I wouldn’t have found out my go-to makeup products that I absolutely swear by. Here’s Team Healthntrends sharing that one beauty product that they absolutely swear by. 

Second Skin Magic
“it Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream in the shade Fair. It's literally in the name — my skin but better. It evens out your skin, adds luminosity and also has skincare benefits. Best of all, it also has an SPF of 50. I'm on my third tube.” 

- Ambika Muttoo, Editor, Healthntrends

A Nude For Every Mood

“After trying many brands over the years, I'd made my peace with the fact that I will never find the perfect nude lipstick for myself. And that's when I found the MyGlamm Ultimatte Long-Stay Matte Lipstick. The shade Goddess has become my go-to for literally everything, from a coffee with friends to a day wedding. I've almost finished one tube and will definitely repurchase it. The formula is matte but not drying, the tube is pretty, and it's the perfect colour. I love it!”

- Kashika Saxena, Digital Editor, Healthntrends

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Pre-Makeup Glow Booster 

For the one who can discuss everything beauty even in her sleep, choosing one product that I absolutely adore is like asking a mother to choose her favourite child! I will, therefore, talk about a product that I recently discovered and it's my vanity essential now. I tried Laneige's Glowy Makeup Serum and I love it. Non-greasy and super-hydrating, it keeps the makeup base intact for hours while providing a natural sheen to the skin. I struggled to find a hydrating makeup base for my combination skin type and this one fits the bill perfectly. This one isn't going out of my kit anytime soon!”

- Sukriti Shahi, Assistant Beauty Editor, Healthntrends

Bling Game On
"Daughter's Earth Glow Goddess Highlighter — it's stunning and smooth and natural. I love highlighters now, and this one gives a jewel-toned glow that just makes my face feel accentuated.”

- Shilpa Dubey, Assistant Digital Editor, Healthntrends



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Red Lips For The Win
“I completely swear by red lipstick as it is an instant uplift for my face and mood! It goes with everything and I can play it up or down with the rest of my makeup. Of course, the trick with this colour is to find the right shade of red for your skin tone!”

- Kalwyna Rathod, Junior Features Editor, Healthntrends

The Perfect Everyday Lippie

“I'm not usually a makeup person. For me, the whole concealer-foundation-highlighter shebang is limited only to weddings or any other occasion that involves wearing couture. But if I had to pick one product that I swear by, I'd say it's lipstick. I never leave my house without putting on lipstick. It makes me feel confident and ready to get stuff done. And although I'd like to slap on some Ruby Woo by M.A.C every day, the stark red can look very maximalist, so for an everyday look, I use Chambor's Extreme Wear Transferproof Liquid Lipstick in the shade 483. It is the only nude colour that has suited me - a perfect combination of pink and brown - that I haven't ever been able to find in any other brand. You'll never see me without it.”

- Ashwini Arun Kumar, Fashion Features Writer, Healthntrends

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Image: Instagram

Team Multitasking Makeup 
“If there’s one thing about makeup that remains unchanged pre and post-covid, it’s the obsession with lip and cheek tints for me. Multipurpose makeup always sounded like a smart and convenient concept to me, whether while travelling in local trains for college or now while quickly putting on a face of makeup for zoom meetings. Also, today blushed cheeks have become what wearing (just) lipstick was about a few years ago. So, I can’t step out without ‘em rosy cheeks and co-ordinated lips. For this, Milk Makeup’s Lip + Cheek Cream Blush & Lip Tint in the shade ‘Werk’ is what i swear by. I use the super creamy product on my lips, cheeks, and eyes too (yes, really) and voila, I’ve created a super doable and achievable monochromatic look too! A good dupe for this is Forest Essential’s Noor Nikhar Cheek Tint in

- Ria Bhatia, Junior Beauty Writer, Healthntrends

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?

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