Say Hello To Smooth, Fuzz-Free Skin With Braun Silk-épil Epilators!

May 9, 2022, 15:05 IST


In today’s day and age, there are several ways to help you overcome your hair removal woes. While that sounds like a good thing, it may also end up leaving you confused. Setting your mind to which hair removal method to go for can be tedious and tiring. If you are struggling to find the right fit, we place our bets on epilation, primarily because it’s hassle free but gives the same long lasting smooth skin. After countless experiments and trying all kinds of devices, the seamless hair removal process with Braun’s Silk-épil Epilators has our vote! Before getting into why its features make it such a winner, here’s a little background on what makes epilation a great at-home solution.



What Is Epilation?

Epilation is a hassle free and effective root-hair removal technique. It provides lasting results for upto 3-4 weeks by plucking the hair from the roots. The process is executed smoothly because of the tweezers fitted in an epilator’s head that extract the smallest hair, giving a smoother finish.


How To Epilate?
An epilator ensures the best and effective results when it’s used the right way. So, here’s how to epilate, correctly!

  • Start by slowly moving it along the skin in an upwards motion, against the direction of your hair at a 90-degree angle. This way you get fail-proof hair removal without causing any ingrown hair.
  • It’s best to hold the skin taut to allow for smooth movement and you would want to glide it on wet skin for better comfort.
  • Make sure to moisture your skin after every epilation session.

Epilation is a reliable and convenient method of caring for your facial and body hair at home, thanks to new-age smart devices such as the Braun Silk-épil Epilators available in the market today. 



Why Opt For Epilation?

Epilation is user-friendly, skin-friendly and super simple to perform, provided you get your hands on the right kind of epilator. Opt for a device that is easy to use, like Braun Silk-épil Epilators that make use of a smart and effective technology with added features. Here are the top three reasons that make epilation a smart solution.


  • Universally Suitable: When compared to other long-lasting hair removal solutions, opting for epilation with Braun’s newest Silk Epilators alleviate restrictions associated with the colour of the hair or complexion. The device can be used by everyone with any type of hair. Plus, it also suits all skin types – including sensitive skin.


  • Long-lasting Results: Epilation prevents the need to care frequently for unwanted hair as opposed to other at-home solutions that need regular follow-ups. Since it removes hair from root, it gives upto 4 weeks of smoothness.


  • Effective for those in-between days: Epilation is much gentler than traditional waxing and catches hold of the smallest hair too, rendering smoother skin. Unlike other hair removal methods, for instance like waxing - where one needs to wait for the hair to re-grow up to a certain length before removing it, epilation gives you the freedom to get rid off the shortest hair without waiting. Its ability to catch hold of the shortest hair makes it a perfect pick for your last-minute party plans where you wish to flaunt smooth, hair-free skin.
  • Convenient - The best part about epilation is that you neither have to wait around for your salon appointment nor deal with the mess caused by other hair removal methods such as waxing. This hair removal method does the job all from the comfort of your home, all at your convenience.



Here’s What Makes Braun’s Silk
-épil Epilators So Effective

Getting your hands on the right epilator is not as tricky as you might think, and here are some factors that give the Braun Silk-épil Epilators an edge.


  • Cord Or No Cord: In case you don’t know, epilators come in both variants – with cord and cordless. While the ones with cords can be plugged-in and used, the cordless ones need to be charged and can then be used anywhere, anytime. Braun has both kinds of epilators to offer based on what your needs are. Plus, today, as opposed to the initial models of epilators, the modern ones are water-resistant as well, which makes them suitable for use during showers too – and we can all agree that hair removal is best done while in the shower to minimise any messiness. Braun Silk-épil 9 works equally well in wet and dry circumstances, allowing you to epilate while you’re in the shower.


  • The More (Tweezers) The Merrier: Did you know that the number of tweezers is directly proportional to the speed at which epilation can be done? In short, tweezers determine the speed of epilation. While the Braun Silk- épil 1 and the Braun Silk- épil 3 model has 20 tweezers, their hero variant – the Braun Silk- épil 9 comes with 40 tweezers.


  • Comfort-Enhancing Features: What anyone wants from their hair-removal procedure is, above all, comfort. It shouldn’t feel like a task. While epilation is an easy and convenient mode of hair removal in itself, a smart and high-tech device can improve your experience further. For instance, the Senso-Adapt technology in the Braun Silk-épil 9 adapts and ensures that the right amount of pressure is applied on your skin. Similarly, the Braun Silk-épil 9 also has a 40% wider head than usual epilators that enables wider coverage for a quick hair removal process.


  • Understand The Attachments: Epilators today come with a bunch of attachments. Don’t let that overwhelm you because they’re only going to help you further! For instance, the advanced Braun Silk-épil Epilators come with a shaver and trimmer to care for sensitive areas. Such attachments elevate user-friendliness as they trim off the long hair, leaving behind shorter hair to pluck out. This, in turn, reduces the pain and discomfort caused by pulling and tugging, considerably.


Now that you’ve armed yourself with all the necessary knowledge, when are you beginning your epilation journey?