Summer Makeup 101: Bookmark These Industry Experts-Approved Tips

Apr 27, 2022, 18:47 IST


Makeup and the summer are like chalk and cheese, like a relationship that’s always in trouble. Hot and humid weather has never been good for makeup to stay intact, and our tropical weather just makes things worse. But then, summer also entices you to put on a bright mouth and look at the world with dramatic eyes. We reached out to celebrity makeup artists Sandhya Shekar, Mehak Oberoi and Arti Nayar to help you live out your best-face-forward fantasies this summer.
Sync With The Season
Summer demands a change in your routine. “During summer, use lighter products with a watery or gel-like consistency, something that is light and moisturising,” advises Mehak Oberoi. “Sometimes though, at night, I use a heavier cream so that it preps my skin well for makeup the next day.”
Arti Nayar believes in switching up the skincare routine for the summer. Sandhya Shekar, who believes our lifestyle has intensified our skin’s transitions, adds, “You have to be a little intuitive with your skin in terms of what it’s feeling every season.”


Melt Makeup Woes Away

A melting base is one of summer’s biggest makeup-related peeves, but, happily, there’s a hack to ace everything. Yes, your base as well. “Skin prep is essential for the base to stay on,” says Nayar. “However, you need to give your skincare routine (and products) at least 30 minutes to settle in and work its magic. A primer is the key to keeping your makeup intact, and you have to powder – setting your dewy wet skin dreams aside – to lock in the base.” Shekar says, “I’m a firm believer in being super minimal with your skin in summer. Your foundation and base products should follow this rule too. No skin needs a lot of makeup, not even acne-prone skin. The trick is to put on as little as possible and blend it seamlessly.”

The Case For Base
Base products can make or break the summer makeup game. “You can absolutely switch up your base products in response to the season,” says Shekar. “If your skin is dry, pick a luminous foundation, for instance.” Oberoi advises you to play it safe, “If you think a product is working for you, stick with it. But, if it seems to be affecting your skin badly or you need more coverage or it is too dark, light or heavy, go ahead and experiment with different products.” Nayar reiterates that you should play it smart, “Add steps such as powdering your face to your makeup routine, which wouldn’t be essential during winter.”

The Cream v/s Powder Battle
This is something most of us struggle with, but it’s not that black and white. “Cream-based products might just melt away,” says Oberoi. “I definitely think powder-based products will last longer,” agrees Nayar, “but, if you love cream-based products, layer them on with corresponding powders.” “The decision depends completely on the result you’re looking for and your skin type,” says Shekar. “For a normal skin type, use a liquid foundation for dewy skin, but, for a matte finish or for oily skin, a powder-based product will work.”


Waterproof For The Win
We all hate raccoon eyes. “The only solution is waterproof products,” says Shekar. “Fortunately, the formulations today are so much better than earlier and there are some fantastic waterproof products. It’s better to use liquid liners as opposed to kajal pencils, but, if you must use kajal, always lock it in with black eyeshadow, and carry a Q-tip to clean up the lids if yours are oily.” Nayar adds a step to the technique: “Take a small flat brush and use a little bit of black shadow to set the kohl or eyeliner in, then add some dark brown to add smokiness.” Says Oberoi, “Use a matte eyeshadow primer that will make your products last longer and move less. The Smashbox and Bobbi Brown ones are great options.”

Hot Lips
Shekar swears by mixing lip shades to achieve a great end result. Whipped Caviar by NYX Cosmetics, Devotion by Laura Mercier, Watermelon Flower by Kiko Milano and Crash by Urban Decay are some of her summer favourites. Nayar loves the subtlety of lip stains. “People love using reds, pinks and other bold colours – you can totally do that, but the beauty of summer lies in everything fresh. I like using lipstick (peaches, corals and pinks) as a stain by taking some on my fingers and rubbing it on my lips.” Oberoi says, “Peachy pink shades are great for summer. “I like to use the Benetint by Benefit Cosmetics as it stays all day and looks super natural and pretty.”

Getting The Glow
“I use cream highlighter before my base for a glowing-from-within look,” explains Nayar. “After setting my face with loose powder, I use a finely-milled highlighter to retain the dewiness.” Shekar suggests, “Your skin is already shining because of the oil that the skin emits, so look for smaller particles as opposed to chunky glitters and stick to powders – they work.” Decoding the bronze goddess look, Oberoi says, “Go slightly warmer on your foundation and use a lighter colour concealer to highlight the face.” Shekar agrees, “Pick up a foundation that is two to three shades warmer than your skin tone.” Adds Oberoi, “Go in with a nice powder bronzer to enhance the cheekbones, and use warm-toned blushes such as peaches or a burnt orange blush.” Nayar loves layering a bronzer with a sheen over a matte contour for a beautiful look.

Colour The Season
Nayar believes a diffused lip look is going to be big. “It’s not going to be a bold shade for sure,” she says. “A lot of icy blue, powder peaches and pinks and powdery stained lips in pinks and reds,” says Oberoi. Shekar isn’t big on colour trends. “I am somebody who is inspired by colours based on how I feel. However, I have been seeing a lot of blues – especially on the runway. So, different hues of blue, I think.

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