The Best Songs From Olivia Rodrigo’s Album Sour

Sep 30, 2021, 23:05 IST


Having starred in Disney’s High School Musical-based TV series, Olivia Rodrigo, with her breakout single, Driver’s License, became an instant pop star who is now the leading voice of her generation. Her album Sour not only captured the highest opening week sales in the US this year but also became the first debut album by a female artist to have two, No. 1, and singles on Billboard’s Hot 100. Sour, through its dynamism, deals with themes of insecurities, heartbreak, and self-acceptance. Although all the songs are incredible in their way, here are some of the top songs from the brilliant album: 


Good 4 U: 

With an uptempo vibe and beats that have you dancing along, this song made the Rock genre’s first hot 100 No. 1 in years. Her angsty lyrics like, “Maybe I'm too emotional / But your apathy is like a wound in salt”, and “Good for you, you're doing great out there without me, baby / Like a damn sociopath!” make the song a perfect choice to stream to a lover who moved on effortlessly while you were still suffering. This song delivers the right hooks and has taken 2021 by storm.

Driver’s License: 

Olivia’s distinctive melodious voice and her soul-stirring lyrics are a lethal combination that can move all audiences. Topping all charts and streaming on Billboard as No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in the first week itself, this song has had success like no other. This song never fails to overwhelm you with brilliant lyrics such as, “I know we weren't perfect but I've never felt this way for no one,” and “Cause you said forever / Now I drive alone past your street”. It manages to make you feel blue, remembering a love that’s no longer yours and promises left unfulfilled. 


Another upbeat, cynical song with on-point lyrics that delve into nuances of insecurities from personal anxiety about not being liked in lines, “I feel like no one wants me / I hate the way I’m perceived,”, to the societal pressures one faces in, “Cause who am I, if not exploited?” It talks about unmet expectations and disillusionment with the happy picture of teenage years in the lines, “If someone tells me one more time/ 'Enjoy your youth,' I'm gonna cry.” It’s definitely intense out there, and Rodrigo does a brilliant job in explaining exactly how brutal it can get. 


Deja Vu:

Have you ever been heartbroken over a lover repeating all your memories with his next partner? Then Deja Vu is just the song for you. With a quaint vibe and a punchier beat, Deja Vu, as her second single, displayed Rodrigo’s range as an artist. This song makes personal references like strawberry ice cream, reruns of Glee, and playing Billy Joel on the piano, which connects the fans even more intrinsically to Rodrigo’s ballad. How would you feel if your memories were all reused? 


With heart-rendering vocals, Traitor is the most poignant song on Sour. It divulges into emotions of heartache and betrayal over a breakup. "Guess you didn't cheat / But you're still a traitor," highlights the deep-seated effects of this song. Rodrigo bares her emotions fully in this song and portrays the intensity of heartbreak in the lines, "God I wish that you had thought this through / Before I went and fell in love with you.”