Dream Homes Ep.3: Farah Khan Waited 2 Years To Buy Her Dream Home!

Oct 11, 2022, 17:12 IST

Gauri Khan

As Gauri Khan’s magical home transformation process continues, we get acquainted with more and more of her design sensibilities and how she uses her understanding of space, juxtaposes it with the personality and requirements of her clients, and gives them a space that’s a perfect representation of both. After re-doing spaces in the houses of director Kabir Khan and fashion designer Manish Malhotra, Gauri Khan is back at it with another celebrity. In the episode 3 of Dream Homes with Gauri Khan, available for you to watch on the Mirchi Plus app, mirchi.in and the Mirchi YouTube channel, the interior designer is redesigning for none other than one of Bollywood’s most revered choreographers and directors, Farah Khan.

What makes this episode an experience unlike any other is Farah’s unapologetic approach of talking about her ‘dream home’ and how even she had to wait to acquire it. In conversation with Gauri Khan who is tasked with redesigning the family/entertainment room in the director’s house, Farah talks about how it took her two years to finally buy the house of her dreams. Although she came across the house two years before actually buying it, and fell in love with it instantly, the director reveals how the house was out of her budget. As though it was destined for her, she discovered, two years later, that the house has not been bought by anyone and is, in fact, being sold for less than what she had been quoted the first time around. It was then that Farah Khan finally bought the home she’s living in and what she calls her dream home. 

While we think that celebrities have vast sums of money at their disposal to buy the things they want without hesitation, Farah Khan kept it real and was gracious about it. 

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