"Every Project Has Been A Teacher For Me" - Hina Khan On Her Journey

Nov 8, 2022, 0:01 IST


When a doe-eyed blushing Hina Khan made her TV debut with Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai back in 2009, no one would’ve imagined the powerhouse bringing the house down in Big Boss years later, or even playing the character of a scheming Komolika in Kasauti Zindagi Kay for that matter. But she did all that and more effortlessly.  

Her impressive career chart is proof that she’s explored different mediums from TV to music videos and films and emerged a winner in everything she’s done. From taking social media by storm with her fabulous debut at Cannes to making heads turn with her fashionable outings—Hina certainly knows how to have all our attention.  

We caught up with the actress and got talking about her journey, fashion preferences, and upcoming projects. 


You’ve been a part of the industry for a decade and you have left a mark in each project you’ve worked on. How would you look back at the journey you have had so far?

I don't think I have enough words to describe my journey till date. But yes, it has been nothing short of a very special one. Every project has been a teacher for me in many ways. Every step forward  I took in my work from TV to films to OTT to Cannes and everything else has only been a stepping stone to a brighter and bigger future. My heart is only and only filled with gratitude for all the projects that have given me the chance to grow in both my professional and personal spaces. 

What is a life lesson that you have learned throughout your career?

There is nothing above hard work and there will never be anything above hard work. The only thing that helps people sustain in this industry is hard work, and being consistent with the kind of work they have done which is the biggest lesson I have learnt over all these years.

Out of all the roles you have played, which one resonated with you the most?

I feel that each role be it my TV characters or my OTT or film characters have taught me so much, that all of them are very special for me and it is very hard to name just one. More importantly all my characters have connected with my audience and I think that itself matters to me the most! 

What’s the one character you want to play on-screen?

I have this dream of playing a super girl or a wonder woman type of character! These kind of roles are dream roles for me and I would love to sport such amazing characters on screen if given a chance. These kind of roles have always inspired me with their kind of positioning on screen and they are definitely characters on my bucket list! 

How do you deal with criticism and online trolls? 

These so called faceless trolls have stopped affecting me a long time ago! I personally feel that the way people talk are a result of the things they think, and it's clear about the kind of mindset these trolls have which is best for anybody to just sideline and ignore! 


What does fashion mean for you and what is your personal style? 

According to me, fashion is not always the most comfortable thing to maintain. With the way we have to dress up and get our hair and makeup and styling etc done is a whole lot of effort required, but it is something I personally love doing and experimenting with so yes I got to do what I got to do when it comes to keeping my fashion game intact.

What is your beauty mantra? 

I feel that beauty is not just about looking good, but it is also about feeling good and thinking good, which eventually leads to one looking good from the outside. If you are mentally balanced and mainly content and happy from within, it automatically reflects on your outer body.

Can you please tell us about your upcoming projects?

There are a few upcoming projects in the pipeline. Nothing I can reveal too much about at the moment, but once I can talk about them I will definitely share more details.