Gauri Khan Turns Katrina Kaif’s Terrace Into A Perfect Instagrammable Space

Oct 31, 2022, 16:57 IST

Dream Homes

We’ve witnessed Gauri Khan’s home renovation magic through the last five episodes of Dream Homes with Gauri Khan, where the talented multi-hyphenate wielded her expertise in interior designing and decor to transform the houses of the who’s who of the entertainment business – from fashion designer Manish Malhotra to Bollywood’s choreographer-turned-director Farah Khan. We have loved how she has given each of her guests a space in their house that is a perfect combination of their individual personalities and Gauri’s sophisticated design sensibilities. Almost as if she was saving the best transformation for the last, season one comes to a fantastic close with Gauri Khan taking on the challenge of re-doing the space of one of Bollywood’s favourite female actors. Katrina Kaif.

The episode comes as a revelation for multitudes of Katrina fans who discover that though the actor has as astute sense of fashion and has vowed us with her sartorial choices (the proof is her Instagram that is full of inspiration lending portraits of the actor in fabulous clothes), Katrina is hardly an expert on home decor. She, in fact, confesses this to Gauri Khan saying, “You know what, I am terrible on colour, but I really want colour. I mean to be an interior designer you have to have that eye, I don’t have that eye for colour.” However, Gauri masterfully tackles Katrina’s dislikes and understands what she wants to renovate the actor’s terrace space. From a dull and listless open area to a highly Instagrammable place that will come in handy for the actor, Gauri wows us with her design process one last time before season one ends. She also shares hacks for us to turn our places into places that will make the perfect Instagram backdrops!

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