Kriti Sanon's style file

Apr 1, 2015, 12:55 IST

You cannot miss model-turned-actor Kriti Sanon at any red carpet event. Her sense of style always has us in awe of her and we are sure this is one woman who will never have it tough with the fashion police. We recently caught up with the gorgeous diva at Aldo's Spring/Summer 2015 collection launch. Hailing from the fashion capital, Delhi and being a style diva herself, we couldn't help chatting with her about fashion. She also shared some of her tips to be an effortless diva. Read on and take cues.


What does style mean to you?
I feel the sense of style is very personal and depends solely on how an individual wants to project herself. For me, it is about keeping things simple and comfortable, but having fun at the same time.
What makes a true style diva?
For me, a style diva would be a girl who wears her confidence to shine through everything. What is important is how you carry yourself. When you feel happy and beautiful from inside, you will look amazing and the world will admire.
Who are your fashion icons?
Deepika Padukone and  Sonam Kapoor are two of my top favourites. I like how they experiment from going casual to being red-carpet ready. Being able to carry off such a variety of looks makes them stand out as stylish divas.


Your tips on fashion, beauty, body language?
I feel one should always dress up for themselves. So wear what you are in the mood to sport but of course do keep in mind a few things that matter. Firstly, you should enjoy wearing the outfit or the look you want to carry quite effortlessly. If you are uncomfortable or conscious it will show up on your face and body language. Do keep  in mind your body type while selecting your clothes and make sure that they fit you well.
For hair and makeup, you can keep it simple, minimalistic, youthful and fresh. It complements most attires and works best across all occasions. 
While shopping, what do you usually prefer to buy from Mumbai and Delhi and why?
I can be an impulsive shopper at times and never really plan my shopping according to a city. Though most of the brands are available across India, wherever I like something, I pick it up. Of late, I try to put more thought into what I select keeping in mind my height, body type, complexion, my existing wardrobe and the likes that I have learnt works best through trial and error.
What fashion mistakes have you made and what have you learnt from them?
I am happy to go around in my denims and t-shirt but now that I am an actress, there is a sort of ‘fashion police’ constantly watching me. So there were times that I was told that I am dressed too ‘simple’ for a movie premiere.
Why do you feel Delhi is called the fashion capital?
In Delhi people put an effort to dress up and love to do so even while they are going to a mall like the DLF Promenade or the GK Market for that matter. Also, some of India’s best designers hail from the city, so I am glad to be from the fashion capital myself!