What It Takes To Be Celebrity Stylist Eshaa Amiin

Jul 28, 2021, 19:15 IST


The brain behind Akshay Kumar’s Elvis Presley look with a twist in Singh Is Bliing, and the late Sridevi’s varied avatars in the advertisements for an Indian-Chinese food brand, Eshaa Amiin has a body of work to take inspiration from. The fabulous stylist and designer credits her mom for planting the idea of pursuing a career in fashion. Of her first tryst with colours, cuts, and silhouettes, she reminisces, “I was always interested in art, and, as a six- or seven-year-old, when my mom noticed me sketching girls in different outfits, she mentioned the words ‘fashion design’. That’s when I first heard them.” She went on to study fashion and apparel design at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai.

“I remember the time I worked with an European export house as a designer – we’d visit the Flora Fountain area in Mumbai to get our hands on international fashion magazines to see and study what was happening globally. We didn’t have social media at the time!” Having worked across industries, web series, and ad campaigns, Amiin likes working with ads and movies most. “Films require more research, which I do enjoy, but ads are faster, and you can move on to the next project quickly. With movies, you have to retain even the smallest accessory, because you aren’t sure until the end whether a scene needs to be reshot,” she states. Maintaining that people in both, Bollywood and Tollywood, are professional, she says one has to be sensitive towards the region and audience. “So, while we adopt a conservative approach for South Indian movies, Bollywood movies allow more liberty and opportunity to experiment, given the urban, global appeal.”


Styling The Stars
One of Amiin’s most memorable styling experiences was working with Amitabh Bachchan for an online store for newborn, infant and kids products. It was her first time working with the superstar; a body double had already shot some scenes, so Bachchan’s outfit had been finalised without him having seen it. Amiin recalls how nervous she was, fervently hoping he would like the garments that had been picked. Seeing him look happy with them sealed the experience for her.

Amiin also recounts working with the late Sridevi. “The shoot was scheduled for the day after the evening we met for a fitting in Mumbai. There was something particular missing, and the actor remarked that we’d be able to find exactly what we needed in Delhi. There was no time to get it couriered, so she suggested we head to Delhi and get it. And we did! I love how it was a spontaneous decision!” It just validated her claim that there is nothing monotonous about her work. Amiin reveals another of her impromptu decisions that was much appreciated. “The Elvis Presley-style-jacket-with-lungi-and-sneakers look Akshay Kumar sported in Singh Is Bliing just happened in between changing outfits. Akshay carried the look through movie promotions, onto Comedy Nights With Kapil, and he even wanted to use it for ad films for a phone brand.”

It’s no surprise then, that Amiin describes her personal style as spontaneous and elegant. Colours make her happy and she’s experimental with silhouettes. Any expert styling tips for us? “Keep trying different styles; you won’t know if something works for you or if you enjoy it until you try it! Also upgrade your style every season, it will help you curate a seasonal wardrobe. Find what works for you and work around it,” she advises.


Sustainability First
Even so, Amiin is not about mindless buying. “I’m someone who tells clients that they don’t need an extensive wardrobe to look their best. I advocate sure-shot pieces that one can create different looks with, and restyling old favourites. In 2020, we did a wardrobe edit and style analysis for clients under my style consultancy The Style Elevator; we went through their wardrobes, taught them how to reduce its size and how to recycle and reuse pieces.”

Internationally, Amiin is the only Indian stylist to have featured in PETA’s vegan fashion campaign. She voices her opinion on slow, sustainable, ethical fashion and how it translates into her brand and work, “Sustainable fashion started long back, but, owing to the pandemic, people are now beginning to take it seriously. As a designer, I’ve always enjoyed working with pure fabrics as the hand feel is so much better than with synthetic materials.”


Starstruck By Wardrobes
Any particular celebrity wardrobe she’d like to peek into? “Blake Lively is my dream celebrity to style and work with,” Amiin enthuses. “I love her since Gossip Girl and follow her on social media.

I want to know what’s in her wardrobe!” Celebrity wardrobes she loves? “I think Ananya Birla has a really cool wardrobe that’s closer to the international fashion scene, and has exclusive, limited edition, hard-to-find pieces. Karisma Kapoor has elegant style, and her wardrobe has a timeless collection of bags and shoes,” she adds. In an increasingly competitive industry, standing out as an individual and as a stylist is no mean feat. How does she achieve it? “With discipline and focus. Being aware
of trends is important, but it’s crucial to be sensitive to clients’ needs.”

Eshaa Amiin’s Essential Wardrobe Elements
  • A pair of well-fitting denims
  • A white shirt
  • An LBD
  • Black heels
  • Nude heels
  • A great pair of sunglasses that work for your face type
  • A day bag
  • An evening bag
  • Jewellery

Social Media Star
Amiin’s Insta feed is replete with experimental fashion outfits, editorial shoots, and celebrity style files. From runway-ready looks, rock chick vibes, cool casuals to glam chic, there’s something for everyone! Also pick up on the latest trends with her posts, be it colour blocking or monochrome mania. And, if you’re looking for destination outfits for your next beach holiday or workwear style inspiration to help you stand out in video conferences, that’s covered too! Remember Amiin’s top tip to look your best: “Whatever you wear, you have to be comfortable and feel confident in it.”

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