Stores to visit in Chandni Chowk for some Exquisite Bridal Lehengas

Sep 30, 2021, 22:02 IST


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Stores to visit in Chandni Chowk for some Exquisite Bridal Lehengas

As we all know how exciting as well as overwhelming your wedding shopping can be. And finding that perfect lehenga is not that easy. But whenever bridal lehengas comes into our mind we know Chandni Chowk is where we need to be. So, today we have got you covered as we are sharing with you some of the stores present in Chandni Chowk with an exquisite collection of bridal lehengas.

1. Om Parkash Jawaharlal
Om Parkash Jawaharlal
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Om Parkash Jawaharlal in Chandni chowk is the oldest and finest bridal boutique serving since 1957. With its exemplary and outstanding collection you should definitely pay your visit here. They are always stocked up with the latest collection and also customise them according to your preference.

2. Aditya & Mohit
Aditya & Mohit
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Aditya & Mohit has gained its name in the last few years because of its undoubtedly beautiful bridal collection. With its intricate embroidery and out of the box blouse collection they have made their way to our list. They also have some pretty collections for bridesmaids/brides' mothers.

3. Shrangar
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Shrangar is known for its luxury bridal collection. Their brand Aashni Design Co. has some extravagant contemporary bridal collections. If you are someone who wishes to be a modern day bride ditching the traditional one then you should definitely give their collection a go.

4. Sudhir Bhai Saree Wala
 Sudhir Bhai Saree Wala
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Sudhir Bhai Saree Wala has a collection of both traditional and modern day lehengas. Brides who are still confused about what to wear should definitely make a visit here. The staff here as well as the owner itself gives utter importance to the preference and needs of each and every client that it makes it easy to choose from their wide collection.

5. Madan Fashion
Madan Fashion
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Madan Fashion has its own range of collections. A variety of traditional bridal lehengas are available with them. If you want to rock your day as a traditional bride then this is your place.