Dressing up for Karva Chauth

Oct 29, 2015, 14:50 IST


Thanks to the OTT celebration of Karva Chauth in our Bollywood films, every woman observing the day wants to look her best on Karva Chauth. Though just a day long festival, in many parts of the country, women start preparing for the day at least a month in advance - shopping for a new day and night outfit, getting beauty treatments done. There are some who even plan a pre Karva Chauth parties. For all those women who are on the look out to covet something pretty and in trend, designer Ritu Seksaria has some tips.

-- Some women prefer going super traditional on Karva Chauth, while some prefer a mix of modern and traditional. Red and maroon are the classic colors for this day, with an addition of some gold and bling.

-- Fusion wear is in trend these days as a lot of Indian women go for comfort more than tradition.

-- Dhoti sarees and long tunics with some embroidery, teamed with minimalistic jewellery is the fashion mantra.

-- Combine your regular saree with a fun blouse and a belt and give it a touch of your own style and you'll defintely turn some heads this Karva Chauth.

-- A must-have accessory is a red bindi, which signifies true love and prosperity.