Pocket-friendly fashion

Apr 8, 2015, 18:51 IST

While some people have an innate sense of what to wear no matter where they're going, for others, it's a real challenge. For those in the latter camp who find sorting out the right clothes for each occasion a royal pain, Carlton DeSouza, Lead Stylist- Myntra, has some quick and easy tips to look amazing.



Have a coffee date with friends over the weekend? Coffee dates are so straightforward and therefore always keep it effortless. Wear your perfectly fit jeans with an edgy top along with a statement necklace or a jumpsuit. Leave your hair open, dab on your lips gloss and you are ready to go! The key is to look stunning without looking like you are trying too hard.

Budget dressing

Important lunch meeting, don’t know what to wear!
Well, the best way to dress up for a lunch meeting is by keeping it minimal, clean and basic. A little black or white dress or a simple white/black top along with elegant trousers or printed pencil skirt will get you out of a difficult situation. High heels and a nice watch are a must in this case. Don’t forget to add some delicate jewelry to balance the bolder details. Wear a nice neutral lipstick, lots of mascara and make sure your hair is neat.

Budget dressing

Dinner Party at 8, need to look amazing? The best part about dinner parties is that you can wear almost anything you like. This gives you the opportunity to go for the cutest new fashion trends or to just go for a classy feminine look. Wear an elegant dress, or skirt with a dressy blouse or fashionable pants with a silk or sheer blouse. Finally, don black high heeled pumps and a clutch to match. This also helps keep focus on the outfit itself. We suggest you keep your make up minimal, nude eyes with lots of mascara and a slightly darker colour for your lips and experiment with your hair!

You'll find inspiration to put together the above styles in your wardrobe and if not, you can browse through the online shops and buy something similar - all under Rs.1000, assures Carlton DeSouza, Lead Stylist- Myntra. Hhe adds, "At the end of the day, be it any occassion, make sure you flaunt your personal style but just remember not to overdo it. Always ensure you dress according to your body type and personality and always complement your style with an element of comfort because when you feel good, you look good!"