Ritu Kumar's winter must-haves

Oct 26, 2015, 16:28 IST

Dresses, tunics, shirts and skirts—the new LABEL by Ritu Kumar collection has everything you need to build your wardrobe. As the brand unveils its new fashion film inspired by the collection, the seasoned designer gave us her top trends for the season as well as her favourite travel destinations.



FEMINA: Name three key pieces from the new Fall/Winter 2015 collection.
Ritu Kumar:
The 3 key styles are Cashmere paisley, a contemporary interpretation on the jaamavar print, Landscape, a digital rendition of the landscape print and Bryofillum, a sequin-embroidered evening range. 

FEMINA: The collection almost seems like it takes you across the world—from India to Thailand. What is your favourite travel destination?
Ritu Kumar:
The video has been shot in Goa in a small Portuguese colony—Fontainhas and hence lends that international flavour. Goa has a special place in our heart.




FEMINA: You've been designing for so many years now. What advice would you have for young designers?
RITU KUMAR: There are no shortcuts. Be prepared to work hard and put your all in. With the growing competition, there are more chances of being lost in the clutter, hence it vital to establish your own niche or signature and research is the key to the same. My background in art history and museology helped me greatly in my early years. 

FEMINA: Do you think women in the fashion industry play an equal role to men in the industry?
RITU KUMAR: There are always challenges for women in general. However, fashion in India is still so nascent and constantly evolving, there is a space for everyone. 

Watch her latest fashion film here: