Tracksuit to a brunch! Why not?

Oct 18, 2015, 3:41 IST


If you thought track pants were just your yoga morning buddies or when you want to sweat it out at the gym, you’ve got a pleasant surprise coming your way. Tracksuits aren’t just lazy Sunday loungewear any longer. You can jazz up a pair of the pants and head out to a brunch with the girls or throw on the jacket and head out for your date. Don’t believe us? Here are some fun ways to jazz up your tracks. You’re so gonna want to try these out!

Get your bright pink or orange or red tracks out and flaunt them when you go for a matinee show with the gals or a brunch date. Pair them with a contrasting coloured crop top, tube top or singlet. Throw on a white or pastel toned track suit jacket and be all that!

Don’t shy away from the track suit grunge vibe. Boldly go where no tracksuit has gone before. Slide into your trusty red track pants and get your hot red pumps on too. Let the world know how totally chic casual can be.

Want to add more sass? Throw on your bomber jacket or embellished biker jacket too. Head out for your evening meet in this cool getup.

Pair your track pants with an interesting top and no one would even notice that you are in your comfy pants.



Won't you want to feel comfortable while at the movies? Why not wear your track pants to the theatre? Pull over a nice jacket and put on some sexy boots and you are ready for the dinner after.

Got black track pants? Why not pair them with a white shirt and formal jacket or a leather jacket? Androgynous with attitude is what you’re going for today!