Trend to try: Skinny scarves

Oct 12, 2015, 15:19 IST



With autumn fashion trickling into our wardrobes, the versatile scarf has probably already made its presence felt. It is the chosen one this season, after all. And as long as air conditioning exists, it will be the chosen one every season, in my humble opinion—at least where accessories are concerned.

Although it may seem like our tropical climate serves as a forfeiture of autumn’s layered look, this season, designers seem to be making amends for having ignored folks living in warmer climates. It’s not a flimsy amend either, like the bandanna or dupatta that we used to double up as scarves. This year introduces a scarf that seems specifically aimed at those of us in regions devoid of winter’s chill—the skinny scarf.

Just as it sounds, it’s a skinny, almost stringy piece of cloth that can be worn around the neck in various ways. Wrap it around your neck with the ends hanging down the front, coil it around your neck and loosely tie the ends, wrap it around your neck with one end over your shoulder, wear it like a tie… the permutations are endless.

And considering the unwintery winters our southern and coastal regions experience, we can now take advantage of it and dress autumnal. Pair the skinny scarf with a T-shirt and shorts or jeans or even an off-shoulder cocktail dress. Wear it with your pant suit, a dress or tube top and skirt.

This time, autumn fashion is inclusive. Go ahead, take advantage!

Skinny Scarf With Shorts

With Pantsuit

With Cocktail Dress

With Jeans for a Casual Look

All white with a Skinny Scarf