5 benefits of eating pears

Oct 27, 2015, 17:24 IST



Known as butter fruit world over, pears (nashpati in our part of the world) has a scrumptiously delicate flavour and melt in the mouth texture. But that’s not all that is good about this delicious fruit. Apparently it is one of the most unsung healthy fruits around - one that we must eat more of. I give you 5 solid reasons:

A lot of studies have shown that regular consumption of pears actually help get the bad cholesterol down and thus help keep a lid on coronary heart diseases. They are loaded with flavonoids that help our body do that effectively. In fact one pear can provide half the total (14mg) flavonoids we need to stay healthy, so if you have two every day, you are sorted. By the way pears contain no cholesterol, no sodium and are free from saturated fat. In fact they are a good source of potassium (119 mg), which again helps in lowering blood pressure - good news again for our hearts. What a tasty way to take care of our heart!

Pears are a great Vitamin C source, and C is an effective antioxidant which helps prevent free radical damage that pollution and eating too much junk food may lead to. Now by that i don’t mean you have a burger and then a pear and think there I am good! But pears are definitely good to keep our body’s immunity chugging along fine.

Talking of taste… really I don’t think I need to even talk about it…  there is no doubt that it is delightfully juicy and has a fabulous “melt in your mouth” texture . Did you know that it has a nickname “butter fruit” world over. That’s probably because levulose, the sweetest of all known sugars, is found much more in pears as compared to other fruits. They in fact have large amounts of natural fructose and glucose, making them a quick source of healthy energy. Diabetics too can also enjoy pears to satisfy their “sweet tooth. In fact as they re a good source of fibre they actually help prevent diabetes.

Now this one you have been waiting to hear I am sure… yes, besides all the above benefits pears are low in calories too, a medium size 100 gm pear provides just 60 calories and with it gives a good 3 grams of fibre. Even if you have a large year it’’l sill be just 100 calories and a whooping 5 grams of fibre. So it is a great weight loss tool and is perfect for snacking in this in between times.
Pears are a fibre rich fruit, plus as their skin is tender and not bitter, they are usually eaten whole - which adds extensively to its fibre content. Fibre as we all know keeps our digestion chugging along well, helps reduce cholesterol levels and heart disease. Besides now we also know for sure that most of the health benefits and nutrients of fruits are concentrated in and just underneath the skin. So that’s advantage pears again. Like apples, the antioxidant quercertin is found in the skin of pears, which may help prevent cancer and heart disease.

Bite in: Eat as is, or chop and toss into salads to add a sweet flavor, or have them stewed with spices for a fancy dessert. Or poach it in wine - get a double dose of antioxidants.