Stress can make us unattractive

Oct 27, 2015, 17:21 IST


It’s time to introduce yoga and deep breathing exercises to your every day beauty regimen. A new study has found that stress makes you ugly and unhealthy.


Taking too much stress? You might start appearing unattractive!

A study conducted by British behavioural ecologist Dr Fhionna Moore has found that high levels of the hormone cortisol, produced when we’re feeling pressurised, makes us appear uglier and less healthy. It increases the amount of glucose in the body while also inhibiting muscle and bone growth.

Dr Fhionna said in an interview to Daily Mail, “We believe that the link between low stress levels in men and high attractiveness to women is because an ability to handle stressful situations suggests a strong genetic make-up, the future suitability of a partner, and their ability to pass on “good genes” to their children.”

As part of her study, Dr Moore measured levels of cortisol from saliva samples and took photographs of the faces of participants. “We found that the faces of men and women who had high levels of cortisol in their saliva were rated as less attractive and healthy than those with lower levels of cortisol…Although we haven't yet identified specific cues to stress in the face, it seems to come down to simply how 'healthy' someone looks.”

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