Easy-to-make "Strawberry Delight" At Home

Sep 30, 2021, 21:29 IST


Image: Shutterstock

Coming right from my Mother's Kitchen, is this beauty of a dish which has hit the chord well for it's extremely delicious too.

"Strawberry Delight" is an easy-to-make pudding and can be served at dinners, parties or even enjoyed alone at home or with family.

Vanilla cake slices
Fresh cream- 200ml
Hung curd- 5 tbsp
Condensed milk- ¼ tin
White cooking chocolate-150g
Strawberry compote or crush (1 cup).
(Servings for 6 people)
Preparation time- 20 minutes.

Listed below are the steps to make yourself this treat-
  1. Take a square dish and arrange cake slices. Layer it with strawberry crush/compote lightly, just to soak the cake slices and leave it aside.
  2. Chop the white cooking chocolate and add fresh cream to it.
  3. Micro it for 1 min to melt the chocolate, do not overcook, repeat for 30 seconds if not done. Leave it to melt now, stir well to mix it and our chocolate ganache is ready.
  4. Mix hung curd and condensed milk well. Add to the ganache, when it has cooled down. Mix well,pour on top of the cake slice layer evenly. Keep in the fridge to set and once it is set, put a layer of strawberry compote on top.

Optional: Decorate it with whipped cream.