Here’s A List Of Healthy Food Snacks To Carry On-The-Go While Travelling

Sep 26, 2022, 16:32 IST


Travel is all about having fun and discovering new places, while also providing us with a much-needed break from our daily routines. Clothing, ticket confirmations, and travel necessities such as chargers, utility bag, etc. are packed with great care, but we rarely consider the food we will need on the go.



“Well, if you eat smart and plan ahead, you won't have to worry about calories intake and gaining weight during travel,” says Kajal Wattamwar and Bushra Qureshi, Dieticians and Co-Founders of Healthy Steady Go, who share a list of easy-to-carry, healthy, and filling snacks that one can pack for a day trip or a week-long vacation.


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Makhana/ Foxnuts

Makhanas, one of the snacks with the fewest calories (40kcal per serving) and the highest fibre content (2g), are a traveler's favourite. The fact that it is available in a variety of brands and flavours is an added benefit that helps to ensure that it does not become monotonous. They are so satiety-inducing that overeating them is hardly a problem.



A traditional but still popular snack, now available in a variety of flavours, that provides the ideal amount of carbohydrates and keeps you going longer. There are also gluten-free options available.


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Roasted Chana

A handful of roasted chana contains approximately 7g of protein, 17g of carbohydrates, and a whopping 5g of dietary fibre. Easy to carry and keeps you filling for a loner time.



Grab a handful of mixed nuts when you are in a hurry and you will be set. The healthy fats, specifically MUFA (Monounsaturated Fatty Acids) and some Omega 3 fats, will provide you with the satiety and energy you need for a long day ahead.


Homemade Granola Bar

Many people prefer energy bars as their go-to option because they are convenient. However, most options on the market are either high in sugar or preservatives, and they are also extremely expensive. Why buy them when you can make your own healthy granola bars with roasted nuts, oats, honey, and dates? This bar will keep you going for hours because it contains all of the necessary nutrients.


Whenever you feel hungry on the move, have some of these healthy bites!


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