Keep Your Winter Diet In Check – Avoid These Foods

Nov 16, 2022, 9:50 IST

Foods to avoid in winter

Food to avoid in winter - author panel - Vidhi Chawla

As winter draws in, dietician Vidhi Chawla details the food changes you need to make to stay healthy 

Winter is here and the sudden change in temperature can take a toll on our body. Chilly weather is quite challenging for our immune system. We all probably know the foods that we should consume during winters to ward off colds and coughs and boost our immunity, but do you know about the foods that you are
not supposed to consume ?  

Dietician Vidhi Chawla, founder of Fisico Diet Clinic
, details five foods to avoid to stay healthy in the winter


Foods to avoid in winter - aerated drinks

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Skip Aerated Drinks  

If you’re a big fan of chilled aerated drinks, know that you should avoid them in winter. The amount of sugar present in these drinks can actually lead to insulin resistance during winter, which leads to low immunity. Also it’s difficult for the body to get the cold drink to normal temperature, which means our body has to work harder. Instead try having warm soups.

Foods to avoid in winter - dairy
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Avoid Dairy Products 

Love yoghurt, milk, milkshakes? It’s better to avoid these products in winter as they generate more mucus, leading to cold and cough. If you must, try consuming them only before lunch time. Milk leads to phlegm and it increases irritation in the throat. Avoid dairy as much as possible to ward off colds.  

Stay Away From Fried Foods  

During winter, it is tempting to stay under your blanket and indulge your cravings for hot pakoras (main image) and other fried foods, but try to avoid these as much as possible. The high amount of fats present in them leads to indigestion and mucus production, and inflammation in the body as well. Stick to proper winter meals and try to control these cravings to have better health during winters.  

Foods to avoid in winter - mushrooms
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Give Histamine-Rich Foods A Pass  

Avoid foods such as tomatoes and mushrooms that are rich in histamine as they increase inflammation and mucus production. Switch to winter veggies such  as leafy vegetables to boost your immunity.

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