Mumbai’s Iconic Trattoria Reimagined For Vibrant Bistro Experience

Feb 7, 2022, 11:06 IST


Just hearing the word ‘Trattoria’ brings back fond memories for Mumbai gourmands, both young and not-so-young. An Italian bistro to devour delectable dishes while engaging in some riveting conversation, ‘Trats’ as it is fondly called, has served as a meeting and greeting place for many, many Mumbaikars across generations since its opening in 1981. As Executive Chef Uddipan Chakravarthy put it, “It is a place where a grandfather dines with his to-be grandchild!”

This Mumbai-favourite dining destination known for its eclectic Italian menu, is now reimaged to reflect a vibrant new look fused with the warmth and cosiness synonymous with Italian bistros – inviting patrons to soak in some of the spirit and go with the flow of the menu.


Location: President, Mumbai - IHCL SeleQtions 90, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai



What made our experience more special was the fact that we were at Trats just before the pandemic and the resulting lockdown set in. And then to be there after it is revamped was like bringing back old memories even while we were set to create new ones. The lovely floral tapestry and the new seating arrangement made for a warm, inviting and casual vibe, which lasted through the meal. The open kitchen created the perfect backdrop for us to enjoy the delicious Italian fare that has always been the soul of Trats. It is exactly like Chef Chakravarthy mentions – the soul remains intact despite the makeover, and the regular guests can feel it.


The sofa seating that circles the space makes for a comfortable gathering with family and friends, particularly when you know what you are already there for. As the clock inches towards peak lunch hour, the room fills up with vibrant chatter. The staff moves about briskly, serving smiles along with the fare, and instantanously making guests feel comfortable.


The Essence Of The Menu

The new, reimagined Trattoria menu offers guests an opportunity to try authentic Italian flavours with brand new offerings sitting alongside all-time favourites that guests simply order even before the menu is placed on the table. It reflects the evolution of flavours – a reflection of trends and newer ingredients. Known to stick to the authenticity of the ingredients as well as the dishes, Trattoria also factors in the likes and preferences of the guests and customises every dish on the table as per their needs. And of course, the menu still makes room for innovation and introduction of new flavours and dishes, for the world is shrinking and not only have we travelled expanding our flavour profiles, but so has the food!

What We Ate And Drank
After a hearty chat with Chef Chakravarthy, and letting him know our preferences, we left it to him to surprise us with the delicacies on offer. He had us drooling with the Burrata (burrata, edamame and cranberry, Rs. 895) that had a fresh and wholesome flavour and did full justice to the cheese. The edamame provided the crunch, the cherry tomatoes and dried cranberries the tartness whereas the dressing only complemented the flavours. We paired it with Garlic Bread (Rs. 295).

What We Ate And Drank
While our palates were set for the forthcoming meal, we were wowed by the Avocado Cruda salad (Rs. 695) with warm, roasted cauliflower florets, walnuts on a bed of quinoa in an ever-so-slight beetroot sauce with a zesty apple cider vinegar dressing. Peppered with dried cranberries, this one had our heart from the word go. It was art on a plate, so visually appealing that we were almost heartbroken to dig into it.

Still enjoying the flavours of the previous dish, we were taken in by two of the signature Trattoria pizzas (Rs. 1,195) – Capricciosa (mushroom, black olives and bell peppers) and Fiamma (onion and chilli flakes). It would suffice to say that this is what you go to this place for – classic thin crust pizzas, gooey with cheese and packing a punch with minimal and true ingredients.

Trattoria Experience Bistro
The mini calzones that followed (cheese, chilli, cilantro, Rs. 895) completed our tour of the land of lovely flat breads. Spiced to perfection with each ingredient bringing a unique component to the bread, the calzones were walloped up too quickly.

Visibly satiated and yet yearning for more, our delight went up a notch with the grilled marinated tofu. Served on saffron polenta and topped with grilled asparagus hearts in a tangy tomato sauce, this was the perfectly-balanced dish to finish off our main course with.

What We Ate And Drank

A meal at Trats would not be complete without having dessert and the Pull Me Up (Rs. 575) literally did that for the meal. The layered dessert was comforting in its flavours of truffle, chocolate and caramel, but the ingredient that lifted it up was the tartness of the berry mousse. It was a finale that brought alive the fact that #IAmAtTrats.


A trip to Trattoria is well worth it when you come out knowing that you want to go back home and find the comfort of your bed for a nap, after the comforting and satiating meal you have just had! And we did just that.

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