How To Glam Up Your Home This Festive Season

Sep 30, 2021, 11:39 IST


Pandemic festivals have grown to be more intimate and close-knit, glorifying the small spaces and their homely vibe. The introverted twist in the celebrations focus on finding joy in the simpler things in life—minimal themes and hygge lifestyles are embraced by people all around the country. Although, a certain part of this new lifestyle tends to miss the laughter-filled gatherings, the ring of the chorus of ceremonial songs, the exchange of wishes with the loved ones and other fanfare that is a part of the package of festivities.


New And Old

A festival dated at this time of the year will turn positive when it strikes a balance between the new and old ways of celebration, with decorated indoors, flower ornamented nooks, diya-lit doors, aesthetically composed pooja rooms and other details that stand out in person or form the backdrop during the video calls with the distant family.

Add Artisanal Touch To Your Decor

Festivities come with an aesthetic tone of their own. The pooja mandates as in mandaps, torans etc. are sure to fill a major part of the décor. But the secret lies in the details. The extravagance of the pooja calls for a reorganised kitchen and a complete dining makeover. Fresh tablecloths in bright Indian hues shall lay the carpet for the ethnic tableware in pure silver or brass. More traditional statement shall be brought in with pre-loved antique wood showpieces, traditional wall art, motif-patterned throw pillows, bright-hued upholstery, intricate handwoven carpets and more. Artisanal weaves, like Ikat and Shibori, made in breathable cotton, luxurious silk, or warm wool, make for unique upholstery, curtains, carpets and bed linen. They have an inherent pattern play, showing off textures and colours to the fullest.

Bring On Your Colour Game
The living room, call for a sophisticated, indulgent palette with a touch of mauve, beige or a darker brown. A pastel intervention in the neutrals tend to contemporise the décor, making it ideal for the new ways of celebrating—powder blue, mint green or peach hints leave a trail of playfulness and relaxation in the spaces planned for minimal poojas. Strong colours like blue and red, accented with tonal shades like lime and tangerine look feisty. Muted shades like blush, teal and lilac, create a gentle yet suave ambiance. Vivid forest inspired colours and motifs in wall finishes further adds a sensorial freshness.  Accompanied by conversational pieces of furniture, lively décor pieces and a lavish choice of luminaires, the space is set in the festive mood.

Don’t Forget Sanitising Points And Socially-Distanced Seats

In the wake of the pandemic, the modern-day setup is incomplete without sanitising points and socially-distanced seats. There are virtual celebrations—online meetings shall be set in a central frame and the numbered guests can be a part of a thoughtful celebration, with the same love and affection as ever. The pandemic celebrations are only a reminder of kindness and gratitude that long for hosting a festival that is safe and undisturbed.



Not Just You, Your Home Needs Accessorising Too
This festive season can be a celebration of our individualistic dreams and personalities, expressed through an experiential interior aesthetic. A play of minimal maximalism adds a raw and intimate textural feel to the décor. Imaginative furniture forms with statement accessories, chic coffee tables, lively indoor planters and metallic cushions in copper and gold add a touch of glamour and snugness to the room.

Show Some Flower Power

Begin with a backdrop that blends with the colour theme of the home—experiment with lattice screens—a carved wooden jali or an embossed frame. Group the brassware into a large embellished plate, lined with fresh flowers. When the florals go overwhelming, tone down the colour game with the greens—there are vines, foliage and other contemporary elements that give a whiff of ethereal beauty in the indoors.  

Make Room For Fragrances

Fill the space with the exotic scents—incense sticks in sandalwood, jasmine or other fragrances, along with freshly-plucked flowers, leave an indulgent vibe. A mix of statement lighting, floor lamps and diffused lighting add to the enchantment of the festivities. A combination of fresh flowers, aroma diffusers, urulis and fragrant candles enhance the décor by adding a pleasing aroma to the house.


Add A Touch of You Handcrafted Décor Items

Decorative experiments with choices between handcrafted pieces and minimal origami details draw the fine line between the traditional and modern décor choices. Finely-set orchestrated elements as in the artisanal ware, with or without a rich inlay of semi-precious stones step up the opulence levels.  There is a soft spot for everything aureate and glistening. An unmissable layer of diyas, bells or flowers, with a stand-out arch frame or modest wooden alcoves, wraps up the aesthetic of a contemporary festive setup.

Don’t Forget To Celebrate Yourself
This festive season can be a celebration of our individualistic dreams and personalities, expressed through an experiential interior aesthetic. Imaginative furniture and statement accessories in eco conscious elements like wood, stone, ceramics and metallic shades, like coffee tables, minimal indoor planters, can add an elegant festive feel to the room. A lasting statement comes from more conscious choice in the décor which goes beyond visual appeal.


The article is authored by interior designer Punam Kalra, Creative Director of I'm the Centre for Applied Arts.


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