How To Incorporate Pop Colours In Different Spaces Within Your Home

Oct 7, 2021, 16:49 IST


A colourful space is full of life—it gives the narrative of a vivid dream with a brilliant palette that is synonymous with free-spirit and fun. An unapologetic play of colours is set to roll along the walls, floors, furniture, décor and every other minutia of design in the interior—yet, not all can share the chromatic overdose. It is the aesthetic balance that saves this dream from turning into a colourful chaos. This balance takes a guise along every next turn of a home to discover a colour theory unique to its own character.

Find Love With Optimistic Oranges, Powerful Pinks And Bolder Shades

The recent colour trends see a comeback of the bejeweled tones and dense hues. The colour mania makes the wallpapers go wild with shapes and patterns—nature-inspired tropical patterns overruled by leafy greens and sunny yellows, abstract shape collages mixed with the modern magentas or chic symmetric art taking the side of neons, underline the colourful character on the spatial canvas. On the other hand, the walls washed in immaculate mattes or brute textures break up with the yesteryear craze around null nudes and pastels to find love with the optimistic oranges, powerful pinks and bolder shades.


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Do Multicolour Experiments

 An indulgent interior stage draws the curtains for a solid monochrome seater with complementing poufs, colour-block side tables, vibrant hand-painted décor and more. Multicolour experiments such as patchwork upholstery, mix-matched throw pillows and prismatic luminaires further rekindle the flavor in the interior setup. The mixed medium experiments have a power play of contrasts with coral red, emerald green, cobalt blue or charcoal grey—the colours inspired from earth-born matters make a confident and joyous statement that is ready to host interesting conversations in the common areas.

Add Kaleidoscopic Palettes To Décor Elements

More kaleidoscopic palettes are reinterpreted in the form of art, in showpieces and other decorative elements. Choices in artisanal pieces with hints of stained glass, painted metal embellishments and more, pay a tribute to the glory of colours with an artistic touch. When seen in the primary colours, the artistry is contemporised for good—the old terracottas are bid bye, while the bold reds are befriended. Tasseled wall hangings, dyed tapestries, patterned curtains and other fabric-born décor are free to celebrate the colours as tranquilising as aqua, as sprightly as lime and as cheerful as marigold, effortlessly.

Go On A Colurful Spree In Dining Area

Along the warmer side of the colour wheel are the appetising corners of kitchen and dining, swaying between the temptation of rouge red, energy of the bold tangerine and the freshness of the lime yellow. From the lacquer of the glass cabinets to the metal coatings of the fixtures and even the glaze of the crockery—each one of them contribute to the colour story and put together a sense of harmony in the space. More compelling colourful additions can be brought by striking bar stools, statement lights or patterned rugs that best brew an aesthetic concoction of the warm shades and neutrals—like rustic red, olive green or any other distant part of the pop colour families.

Let Your Bedroom Do The Talking

The saturated hues like cyan, mustard or scarlet red seep deep into the details such as bed covers, quilts, lampshades and other layers of fabric. The furniture throws the pop with mono or dual-toned legs in painted wood, hued tabletops in stone or stained glass, quirky knobs or other fixtures in the best blend from the palette. Crimson red, electric blue, chrome yellow and a stark white give the perfect base for the palette to start with. Finding the middle ground with sailor blue, blazing yellow, bubblegum pink and more saves the palette from the cliché, leaving a memory of colours that do all the talking. A Bauhaus or DeStijlhint stylistically climaxes the interior scene with sinful indulgence and never-ending love for the style classics.


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Add Mood Lights

The scenes only get better when the sun goes down and the lights are out—mood lighting comes into the play—the technologically-pronounced medium for the pop colours,interacts with the mind and senses with the whimsy of LED blues & purples, without missing the drama of tungsten yellows along the accents. The colourful illuminance brings out the true character of the pop. It uplifts the mood in the deep, introverted parts of the home to draw a jubilant, joyous picture of the space that is the abode of peace in the current, stressful times.

A colour pop in the home is a character worth rejoicing. The bold colours and daring combinations outdo the thumb rules at free will. It is a celebration of design where there are no rules—no limits. Boundlessness is solicited here.


The article is authored by interior designer Punam Kalra, Creative Director of I'm the Centre for Applied Arts.

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