5 reasons why we love Sachin

Apr 24, 2015, 12:16 IST

Happy Birthday, Sachin. In a nation where cricket is regarded as religion, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is God. Though the maestro has several outstanding records and success stories to his name, we love Sachin for the remarkable man that he is. And there’s something about him that we admire, even in comparison to the current crop of Indian cricketers and achievers. Here are five reasons:


Photograph: Source: India Medical Group, Copyright (c) 2015, Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd, All rights reserved

1. He’s everyone’s hero: While several sports stars endorse expensive watches, cars and big brands, Sachin has been part of advertisements that sell biscuits, eggs, education and insurance among others, thus putting him in every Indian’s heart and mind.



2. He is humble: Sachin never bragged about his records or runs, and there have been times when he has single-handedly carried the Indian Cricket team to glorious wins; but he continued to concentrate on his game. In fact, when he felt the responsibility of the captaincy was affecting his game, he stepped down,keeping the bigger focus in mind—performance and wins.


3. He’s a family man: Even as several Indian cricketers routinely battle link-up rumours, Sachin has always steered clear of controversy and has remained a devoted husband to wife Anjali and an ideal father to his children Sara and Arjun.



4. Everyone loves him: He may have retired from international cricket, but whenever he attends a match, the camera always pans to him and the reception from the crowd is always loud and hearty. The chants “Sachin, Sachin” that greet him at every stadium reinforces that the prince of Mumbai rules in the hearts of cricket fans.



5. He has always kept his cool: While many of the young cricketers in the current Indian team may wear their emotions on their sleeves, Sachin has never been part of a spat, on or off the field; and in fact been the mediator in several instances.