Dear Alex Parrish haters

Oct 18, 2015, 2:38 IST


Priyanka Chopra as Alex Parrish

Are we never happy? Ever since the premier of Quantico, we’ve been busy ripping Priyanka Chopra apart. It’s either her ‘weird’ accent or how her character is too immoral because she jumped into the sack with a guy she just met. We have even gone to the extent of blaming her for how (apparently) stupid the storyline is turning out to be as it unfolds, calling it a stale mix of Salt and Left Right Left (Indian television series, 2006).

Yet, some of us were going gaga over the same show after the poster release, but jumped sides after the first episode. Similar was the fate of Anil Kapoor for Mission Impossible 4 and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan before him for The Pink Panther 2. But the one thing that sets Priyanka apart is that she—whether you agree or not—is playing the role of a protagonist in prime time American television. Yet, instead of appreciating her massive success and being proud as an Indian, we choose to critique. What is it that we want?

And it doesn’t end there, when it comes to being brutally critical, we leave no stones unturned in belittling the Indian actresses who walk the red carpet at international events like Cannes. Ridiculing Aishwarya for her pregnancy weight or laughing at Vidya Balan’s wardrobe choice just because she chose humble Indian silhouettes over a flashy gown. And then there’s Jennifer Lawrence who tripped in her gown at the Oscars but managed to laugh it off as the nation termed her ‘brave.’ Are we our own worst enemies?

Though in reality our convoluted opinions on the show don’t matter—its not like ABC is going to suddenly open up public voting and Pee Cee will beg us to press 1 to vote for her—but perhaps its time to think how it reflects on us as a nation. And speaking strictly from a marketing aspect, you’re just making Priyanka Chopra and Quantico trend like everywhere. That’s one for her and zero for us!