'Raise your voice against abuse'

Oct 26, 2015, 15:04 IST

We caught up with actress Gauhar Khan when she was in Delhi recently to walk the ramp for jewellery designer Akassh K Aggarwal at India Runway Week 2015. Gauhar looked stunning in Akassh’s Boudoir Collection that also carried the designer’s message against marital rape.


What made you take part in this marital rape themed fashion show? What are your personal views on the theme of marital rape?
I am glad that Akaash K Aggarwal has raised a voice against marital rape with his show where he not only made the models and me look graceful in his jewellery, but also sent out a strong message. I believe women should raise their voices against any physical or emotional abuse in their marriages and a fashion show is a great platform to spread this message. So I am very happy to be associated with it.
You are quite active on twitter and come across as someone with strong opinions. Do you get trolled and how do you deal with it?
Twitter allows me to interact with my fans and followers and lets me speak my heart and mind out. I believe in expressing myself through these social platforms and I am glad to say that I have not been trolled too much yet.
You were in the news for the slapping incident. Some said that it had been staged. What are your comments on this?

I don’t want to give importance to the person who misbehaved with me by explaining or mentioning this incident. After the episode, it took me one day to speak up because I was so shocked. I held a press conference and said what I had to say. After that I have never spoken about it. And that is what you need to do because the truth never needs to be explained.
There are always rumours floating around about your impending marriage. When are they coming true?
We just celebrated my sister Nigaar’s wedding, so there is still time for me! Honestly, I haven’t planned anything yet. Things happen when they are meant to happen.


Acting, dance, theatre…what is it your true passion?
Dance has been my passion. It’s in my soul, although I love acting too. I think Rocket Singh helped me get more recognition as an actor. Just like acting, dance looks graceful only if you are passionate about it. You need to like the thing you do, only then you can excel.
Television and films are something that I enjoy equally because in television people connect with me as Gauhar Khan and in films, people connect with my characters.

Your sister and you are empowered Muslim girls. How do you maintain the balance between a glamorous career and staying true to the tenets of your faith?
Being glamorous doesn’t mean going overboard and doing whatever it takes to stay in the spotlight. I know where to draw the line. I will never embarrass my family and my religion with the films, shows or projects that I do.
Nigaar got married recently. Do you miss her? Tell us a little bit about your bond with your sister.
I miss her every day. We share a beautiful bond. I can confide anything in Nigaar as she is my best friend. My elder sister is like a mother figure and I respect her and also fear her a little!
What are you future plans and projects?
I am looking for work that sets me apart. I want to be content with what I take up; I want to do quality work. As of now, I haven’t signed anything. I will continue doing live shows in India and abroad.