5 Quotes From Sex Education That Impart Meaningful Lessons

Sep 30, 2021, 23:12 IST


With its 3 seasons, Netflix’s Sex Education has currently become one of the most popular shows. Although on the surface it gives us a rom-com vibe but after watching, you’ll realize it’s much more than that. Sex Education has helped solve lots of problems regarding sexuality and relationships. Here are some meaningful quotes from the show that will help you in life.

“Everyone has bodies, right? It’s nothing to be ashamed of.” -Otis 

Literally, every single person has had issues with their body image at least at one point in their life. Especially during the teenage years, when you start becoming self-aware, you feel conscious about your body. Otis tells us the right way to go about this situation. It is important to love your body as it is and to not feel ashamed. This is the first step towards living a happy life- learning how to love yourself.  


“It’s a fine balance, listening to people without inserting yourself into their reality.” -Jean

Jean has her moments on the show, and this is one of them. She addresses how we sometimes tend to insert ourselves in the situation to offer advice. This however removes the focus from the person who came to us for advice in the first place. Therefore, she guides us on how it is important to listen to the problem but not to involve ourselves in it.


“One day, you’re gonna meet someone who appreciates you for who you are. I mean, there are seven billion people on the planet. I know one of them is gonna climb up on a moon for you.” -Otis

We are so afraid of being alone that more often than not, we end up settling for less. Life is too short to stay with someone who isn’t right for you and doesn’t appreciate your uniqueness. There is always going to be one person out there who will do anything for you- even if it means climbing the moon!


“Sometimes the people we like don’t like us back, and there’s nothing you can do about it.” - Otis

Another set of wise words from none other than Otis. He makes us realize that there are thousands of quotes, poems, stories, songs written on unrequited love, but it’s not always happy and glorious as it is painted out to be. Someday, somehow you will fall in love with someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you, but you can't make people like you, you’re just going to have to accept it and move on. 


“Sex doesn’t make us whole. And so, how could you ever be broken?” -Jean

This is probably one of the most iconic lines of Sex Education, where Jean Milburn helps a student deal with asexuality. She advises her that the act of sex doesn’t make or not make someone whole. The concept of being whole is more of an internal thing, like accepting yourself for who you truly are.