Friends forever Elle and Lee

Sep 30, 2021, 21:41 IST

Elle and Lee
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There are no words to describe friendship.
As people in the past have put it,

"Friends are the family we choose for ourselves" and rightly so, most of us in our lives have had a bunch of crazy friends-- even though we fight with them, there is always a bigger reason that allows us to fight for them more often than fighting with them and that's the love we have for them. Some of us are lucky enough to be able to stick with our "bunch of crazies" right from the time we were in school to as they say, death does us apart.

Films shape some of the most important aspects of our life and friendship has to be one of them, undeniably.

Talking about films on friendships and the beauty of human relationships reminds me of the Netflix series -"The Kissing Booth", starring Jacob Elordi, Joey King and Joel Courtney directed by Vince Marcello. It is based on the novel -"The Kissing Booth" by Beth Reekles.

Elle and Lee
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Among the most iconic friends duo in the current lot, Lee Flynn and Elle Evans top the lists and our hearts, alike. The bond they share is a beautiful reflection of how two people can be just friends and still share feelings for each other. There are some relationships that don't need a touch of romance and still they manage to steal our hearts and make us go "awww". That's is the
case with Lee and Elle. Their bond is as social media trends suggest "goals".
The feels in every scene of them together are special in their own right. They are all visuals of a bond so deep and beautiful.

The first scene that is etched to my memory as a viewer is the one where Lee gives a bag to Elle and she opens it to find a small skirt in it.
It was a brief scene from the 2nd film, it's crisp and brings out their banter so so aptly. It's how you see two friends teasing each other in the most non-offensive manner.
It's so cute that it naturally arises in you a feeling to share a similar kind of banter with your own BFF.

I'm also a big fan of the flash mob scene where these guys dance their hearts out and how. They are so synchronized that you feel it's the same person dancing.

Elle and Lee
Image: Instagram

Their friendship is unique for one reason and that's the fact that they are real. Real in their friendship and real with each other. When they have issues, they talk it out and sort and the fact is that it's a balanced friendship where one of them actually tries to handle the situation with care and forgive even if the other one does something not acceptable to the other.

The scene where Lee practices with Elle for her dance competition, she participates in to collect funds for her college admission, show how both of them live by the phrase "that we'll have each other's backs, always".

Although,there are many scenes in the series that make you fall in love with their friendship. These are some of the scenes that stayed with me for their realness.