Here’s How You Can Empower Women In Your Workplace

Sep 30, 2021, 20:15 IST


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Women in the workplace often face heavy discrimination. Here's how you, as a boss, can help empower them

As a boss who supports the feminist agenda, do you wish to empower women in the workplace? It is not an easy feat, considering the different mentalities of employees in the workplace, which means you probably have to get creative with the ways by which you choose to pull the women in your office to the top. The way to do this is by investing in training, mentoring and equality programmes, along with education grants and promotions to senior-level positions. This way you’re pushing for an environment that ensures growth.

Along with setting policies that ensure equality between the sexes, here are some other ways you can empower the women in your organisation...

1. Find Ways To Amplify The Female Voice
Begin by advocating for women to have a voice in each meeting that you do conduct, give them more responsibilities and the chance to express themselves without facing a backlash. If a woman has a great idea, make sure she gets the recognition she deserves without letting someone else take the credit.

2. Diversify Leadership By Promoting Women
Don’t demotivate high-achieving women in your workplace by not giving them the opportunity to move up the ladder. Have conversations about advancement opportunities and set goals for them during quarterly reviews. Promote women and men based on merit, not on the basis of compulsion or discrimination. This will motivate the women in your organisation to work harder and also increase the diversity among leaders.

3. Establish Goals For Improving Gender Diversity
Change is not easy and, importantly, it does not happen overnight. You need to gauge how you are doing in terms of gender diversity and take a step to make a change. Ask for suggestions with regard to the changes your company can make. Now, on the basis of the information you collect, establish business goals for the improvement of gender diversity in the workplace. Once these goals are in place, ensure that your organisation is aware of the new initiatives. Create awareness and then make sure all goals are implemented consistently across every line of business.

As a woman leader looking to empower women in the workplace, you need to work hard to achieve these goals, keeping in mind that change will not happen instantaneously.

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