Best Shows To Watch On Teenage Life

Sep 30, 2021, 21:03 IST


Image: Shutterstock

The teenage vanity is the most hard hitting but marvelous phase at the same time. How do I know it? because I have been there. And I assure you that you can make it through. There is a lot going on with you physiologically, mentally, and even emotionally, which can result in feeling unsettled, lost, or overwhelmed sometimes. As an ‘naïve’ adult, teenage is quite fresh in my memory; so, in my opinion this feeling can be treated right by having some delicious meal by your side, along with something which shows you that you are not alone, it is normal to feel what you are feeling, and it is simply a rite of passage.
So, here presenting some of the must watch shows based on teen drama, that helped me survive this hurricane and I am hopeful that it will make you too.

1. Never Have I ever
This witty, perky, smart take on an Indian- American teenager Devi’s life is a treat. Mindy Kaling does a fine job of putting the Asian and specifically Indian culture in the mainstream. The series justifies the theme by making you laugh, while making you think hard, and making you sorry to think that way in a snap of seconds. Amazing, right?

2. To all the boys I've loved before (all three parts)
Teenage is incomplete without feeling the butterflies in your stomach after developing your first infatuation or crush if you will. Lara Jean representing a fickle minded, not that self-confident, but highly hopeless romantic- takes the viewers to the world which is to sweet and adorable to miss.

3. Riverdale
Buckle up for some spicy, thrilling, suspicious ride! Being the part of the gang of Archie, Betty, Jughead, Veronica, and Cheryl you are going to experience a whole lot because of the gut wrenching twists in the show. That can make you forget the world around you.

4. 13 reasons why
As I said before, not everything about being young is unicorns and rainbows. This show represents that. Nothing about the show’s theme, plot, and writing is pleasant. I repeat, NOTHING! But why it still qualifies to enter in this list is because of how unapologetically and bluntly, it demonstrates teenage depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and whatnot. Makes you understand that life is hard, but is still worth living.

5. Sex education

Even though the ‘title’ sells itself without any effort. Hah! Caught you smiling. The show is a lot more than that. A teenager insecurity, having no one to teach you the right thing, struggles to catch up on so many things in life, FOMO, and of course the sex education. Teaching you that there is nothing to worry or be ashamed about and making you comfortable in your skin.

It is an amazing time to be a teenager guys. You have everything with you, guidance, lessons, and the right entertainment. I hope you will learn to have fun and joy by these series and will keeping move ahead.