5 useful mobile apps for you

Apr 21, 2015, 17:32 IST



1. Sleepyti.me (Android and iOS): Of all the mysterious things than happen when you sleep (strange dreams about having your own Birdman, your skin being refreshed, your brain getting a break), one of the most incomprehensible to me is the series of REM cycles.

2. Instructables (iOS): DIY – Everything. The website has now gone mobile, and the Android version is expected soon. Life improvement made easy.
3. Last Message (Android and iOS): We cry more at our phones dying than the ending of the movie Sophie’s Choice. Last Message is a comforting, lovely app that monitors your battery usage and sends a message to your loved ones telling them that your battery has been sucked dry.

4. Riff: Make little video montages – just like the movies – on your phone. OMG. Riff lets you do all the cute stuff on ads but for free. All you need is willing friends, great hair and makeup and good light.

5. Lumosity: While the website has been around for a while, the app means that you can stay sharp on the go. Lumosity’s brain quizzes help you snap out of your post lunch haze and into brainiac action.