Empower yourself with these

Apr 13, 2015, 18:38 IST

Arm yourself with self-defense techniques. Here are martial arts options and tips on how to pick the right class.


Feeling secured is not just a state of mind, it goes much beyond. Also, you cannot bank on anyone else to play the ‘Knight in shining armor’ and assure your safety every time. In order to feel protected, you need to build your own armor. Here's how to empower yourself so that you can face any unforeseen danger and let your confidence be the shield. Arm yourself with self-defense techniques and opt for the right classes to train yourself like a pro.

Build your body
No matter what your body structure is like, training in martial arts will help you become stronger. You can take your pick from the following:


One of the most popular martial arts forms, this ancient Japanese technique involves kicks and punches that one can use for self-defense. There are various levels of training depending upon the intensity and precision you wish to acquire.


This is another Japanese form of martial art that has been hugely popular across the globe. During a confrontation, Judo enables an individual to exercise self control and combat an attacker by throwing him off his feet, using balance and leverage. 

Tae Kwon Do

It is a different form of karate originating from Korea and is also popular as military training as well. While the kicking and punching movements help to strengthen the impact by hitting the attacker, the controlled breathing techniques get an individual to focus better and be more alert.

Kung Fu

This Chinese form of karate involves rigorous physical training due to the fast-paced movements.  It helps to strengthening the body as well as the mind at the same time and combat the opponent strongly.

T'ai Chi

This Chinese form of martial art is more like boxing with the focus on balance, stretching and weight-bearing movements. It boosts flexibility and improves concentration at the same time, such that one can counter attack from any angle.

Before choosing a class:
-- Be practical and realistic about the level at which you can begin, your current weaknesses, fitness levels and then choose the right activity. 
-- Before investing in a class, make sure to read or watch YouTube videos about the form of martial arts training that you want to opt for.
-- Also visit the class, talk to the trainer or may be a friend who already practices the same.
-- A trial class should help you to make your decision smartly after trying out the activity.
Equip yourself
Danger comes without prior notice, so you need to keep yourself well equipped in order to fight back.
-- Ask your trainer to suggest basic tools like sharp objects or pepper sprays that you can keep in your bag while travelling. Learn how to use them effectively when required.
-- Identify the body parts that you need to hit in a physical confrontation. Since you will need to be quick in order to flee from your attacker, target the eyes, nose, ears, neck, groin, knee, and legs that would hurt the most.
-- Apart from kicking, also learn to use your other body parts like elbows, knees and head in order to counter attack and release yourself from your attacker’s grip.
-- Learn to force your body weight strategically, in order to defend yourself. In fact, the principle behind martial arts programs is based on the concept that even a petite individual can conquer a big built person.

Get trained in martial arts and walk boldly no matter where you go!