Good Friday trivia

Apr 3, 2015, 12:22 IST


What is so good about Good Friday and other lesser known things about the day!


Good Friday marks the anniversary of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. According to the Gospels, it was on a Friday before Easter Day. The day is observed by a communion with bread and wine set apart the previous day (Thursday), prayers and meditation.

Don’t sail on Good Friday
Fishermen and sailors believed that sailing on a Good Friday will be an experience full of disasters like storm and shipwreck even. However, it was believed that carrying along a hot cross bun on their expeditions would protect them from nature’s fury.

Don’t cut your fingernails
It is bad luck to cut your nails on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Whatever you ask for in your prayer at 3pm on Good Friday - the hour when Christ died on the cross - would be granted.

Sew a new garment
It was believed that any garment sewn on Good Friday would never need a repair.

Don’t make a fresh bed
Making a fresh bed on Good Friday by changing the sheets or pillow covers is believed to bring bad dreams. In some parts of the world, it is also believed that washing dirty bed linen will mean washing away the life of a family member.

Go for a hair cut
Who doesn’t want a year free of headaches or worry? A hair cut on Good Friday will ensure that.

It’s a good day to die
It is believed that one who dies on Good Friday goes straight to heaven.

Did you know that Good Friday once fell on Monday?
This is a very old, dating back to England 1946. A racehorse named Good Friday once fell in a race on an Easter Monday (the day after Easter Sunday).