How To: Burn the dance floor!

Apr 29, 2015, 7:40 IST


If getting on the dance floor gives you cold feet whenever you think of a party, worry not! On International Dance Day today, we get Sandip Soparrkar to help you with the three dance moves that will make you a star of the party.

Sandip says that the three most popular dance styles are Jive, Waltz and a combination of Hip Hop and Salsa. He says, “Jive is the most popular dance form especially during parties. Jiving goes well with Rock and Roll and Jazz music. The dance style is quite popular with youngsters.” Check the link below where Sandip’s students take to jiving.

If you are in the mood to romance along with some grooving then Waltz is what you need. As Sandip reveals, “Waltz or ballroom dancing is the one for partners in romantic relationships. A lot of my students who opt for this dance form are newlyweds or in a relationship.” Check out the video below to learn how to wow and awe your friends and family with some smooth sensuous moves.

Another very popular dance style is Hip Hop with modern Salsa. “Those who like a little funk and love the street style high-energy dancing should go for this. You can bring in an individualistic touch to your moves just in this video,” suggests Sandip.