3 food facts to make your day

Jun 22, 2015, 19:26 IST

If it tastes good, it’s probably not healthy – this is the unfortunate belief most people subscribe to. However, I am here – MD-less, but with researched facts – to rescue you from this cruel world that insists on serving your favourites with a side of guilt.


The popular notion is that chocolate rots your teeth,  causes diabetes, high blood pressure, acne and obesity. The lesser known truth is that cocoa beans – the ingredient that gives chocolate its flavour – are actually beneficial to health. Its other ingredients, milk and sugar, are sadly not our friends, but the loophole is to opt for dark chocolate with 70 per cent cocoa. Moderate quantities of this can actually help reduce chances of cardiovascular diseases and also keep the brain fighting fit.

This is dedicated to all the lost souls who down cups of joyless decaf, desperately seeking their jolt of java: caffeine (minus the sugar and milk) is not injurious to health. In fact, a moderate amount (from two to five cups a day) helps reduce chances of cardiovascular diseases. And to all parents who tell their children drinking tea and coffee stunts growth, there is no scientific proof of this, which makes it a myth.

Alcohol takes a bad rap all-around, but if indulged in reasonably, your wine or beer can actually provide several health benefits. For instance, a glass of wine a day has been linked to good heart health, better memory, stronger immunity and better bone density. Beer too (8 ounces a day) has health benefits like longevity, reduced chances of a stroke, heart disease and increased brain power.

So go ahead and enjoy your favourites, guilt free and in moderation, of course.