Eating out? Order dim sums!

Apr 1, 2015, 12:59 IST

You cannot avoid eating out but you can still manage to keep your promise to eat healthy. Salads and soups are passé and dieting can be made easier if you have an interesting, exotic platter to treat on. Try dim sums next time you go out! They not only taste good but are healthy at the same time. Chef Tenzin Khechok, Dim sum Chef, Spices, JW Marriott Mumbai gives you the low down on what makes dim sums your best bet when eating out on a diet.


1. Where do dim sums originate from and what are the most popular varieties?
Dim sums originate from China and the most popular varieties are: Shu-mai and  Veg Crystal dumpling.
Shu-mai- is an open face dumpling which can be filled with any filling that you fancy.
Veg Crystal Dumpling- as the word describes, needs to be transparent and the vegetables stuffed inside the dim sum, should be visible.

2. What makes dim sums a healthy option?
For preparing dim sums, the oil consumption is very less as they are mostly steamed and only fresh ingredients are used for the stuffing. Also, there are no added colors or preservatives for the same.

3. Do they lead to weight gain at all?
The good news is that dimsums do not lead to weight gain because they are steamed and not much fat content gets added in the process.

4. Which part of the meal do dim sums fit in well- breakfast/ lunch/ snack/ dinner?
While the calorie count can vary among various types of dim sums, they are approximately around 92-100 calories and are certainly low in fat. So I feel that dim sums are a great option for dinner.

5. What should one have along with dim sums to make it a complete meal?
I would suggest that it is best to pair a simple beverage such as Chinese tea along with dim sums, since it balances out the meal and also helps in digestion.

6. An easy dim sum recipe that Healthntrends readers can try at home.

Veg Dumpling, Shanghai Style:

Corn - 15gms
Onion - 15gms
Garlic - 5gms
Broccoli - 15gms
Carrot - 15gms
Cabbage - 15gms
Potatoes - 15gms (mashed)
Cottage Cheese - 15gms (mashed)
Oil – 1tbsp
Refined flour - 200gms
Water - 80ml
Salt - 1/2 tsp

Method for the outer cover :
-- Take lukewarm water, salt and refined flour in a bowl and knead into soft dough.

Method for the filling:
-- Heat the oil in a pan and add in chopped garlic.
-- Sauté the garlic till it changes to brown color.
-- Then add chopped vegetables to it and sauté it till it changes colour to light brown and then add paneer
to the mix.
-- Add seasoning (salt, veg Maggi powder and sugar), mashed potatoes and mix it well.
-- Keep it aside to cool down to room temperature for 30 mins.

Method for Dumpling:
-- Divide the dough into 4 equal portions (16-14 gms) and make circles out of it with the help of a roller
-- Add the fillings in it and fold it into half-moon shape
-- Shape the dumpling as per your preference
-- Grease the steamer plate with oil
-- Let the water in the dumpling steamer boil at 160 degree temperature
-- Steam the dumplings in the steamer for 12-15minutes.
-- Serve it hot.