Castrate child rapists: HC

Oct 26, 2015, 16:24 IST



Madras High Court has been trending on Twitter this morning and the reason why will leave you flabbergasted. Finally, someone has had the courage to dole out a barbaric model of punishment for the barbaric crimes being committed around us— ‘castration as punishment for child rapists’, a strongly-worded Madras High Court order said.

Though the judgement does not mean that this will be enforced immediately, the Centre has been asked to consider it. “The court cannot be a silent spectator, unmoved and oblivious of the horrible blood curdling gang-rapes of children in various parts of India,” the court said. Countries like Russia, Poland and nine American states including California and Florida have already enforced castration for sex offences against children.

Thank you Justice N Kirubakaran for recogmising the fact that if the law is ineffective and incapable of addressing the menace, something needs to be done about it! He hopes this will fetch magical results, we hope so too. Though the reactions on social media have been divided. Here's a look at some viewpoints.

For the judgement

Against the judgement


We got in touch with Pooja Taparia, Founder, Trustee and CEO of Arpan, an NGO that helps the survivors of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) to know what she thinks of Madras High Court’s statement. While she is happy that Indian courts are getting stricter about the punishments being doled out for severe crimes, she is skeptical if this will deter rapists. She says, “I don't think castrating rapists will deter rapes. These are people who do not fear the law, have poor impulse control. A stricter law can only punish with severity, it can’t deter them, in my opinion.”